little house on the prairie season sixLaura Ingalls’ (played by Melissa Gilbert) life is going to undergo some serious changes. Almanzo (played by Dean Butler) and his sister Eliza Jane Wilder (played by Lucy Lee Flippin) move to Walnut Grove. Laura undergoes her first love. Soon to follow is a series of exciting and unforgettable adventures. This is the Old West done in the most unthreatening way. A place where the good guys always triumph. You can be sure that each week’s episode will contain a lesson for everyone to learn. In other words, this is harmless viewing for the entire family.

Episode 1: Back to School, Part 1: New teacher Eliza Jane Wilder and her brother arrive in town. Both Laura and Nellie (played by Alison Arngrim) have their eye on the handsome Almanzo.

Episode 2: Back to School, Part 2: The conflict between Laura and Nellie continue as they try to attract the attention of Almanzo. Charles (played by Michael Landon) believes that Almanzo is taking advantage of Laura.

Episode 3: The Family Tree: Due to a school project Albert (played by Matthew Labyorteaux) has to face his dark past. After some contemplation, Charles and Caroline (played by Karen Grassle) decide to adopt him.

Episode 4: The Third Miracle: While on a trip to an awards ceremony the stagecoach that Mary (played by Melissa Sue Anderson) and Adam (played on Linwood Boomer) are on is involved in a rollover. Mary is the only one who is able to get free and goes for help.

Episode 5: Annabelle: Nels (played by Richard Bull) is worried when he finds out a sideshow circus in which his sister, the fat lady, works for is coming to town. He and his sister have to reconcile when he is asked to be the ringmaster.

Episode 6: The Preacher Takes a Wife: Reverend Robert Alden (played by Dabbs Greer) falls in love with parishioner, Anna Craig (played by Iris Korn). Because of Mrs. Oleson’s (played by Scottie MacGregor) objections to the relationship Reverend Alden could lose his job.

Episode 7: The Halloween Dream: It is Halloween and Albert has a dream that seems so real. IN his dream he and Laura are kidnapped by an Indian tribe.

Episode 8: The Return of Mr. Edwards: After a logging accident Isaiah Edwards (played by Victor French) goes into a deep depression. His wife brings Charles and Caroline in to help.

Episode 9: The King is Dead: An aging professional wrestler comes to Mankato to fight the residents. He pushes himself so much that he suffers a heart attack in the ring.

Episode 10: The Faith Healer: Reverend James Danforth comes to Walnut Grove to give them a taste of his fire and brimstone type of preaching. He even convinces residents he has the power to heal.

Episode 11: Author! Author!: On her way to Walnut Grove Caroline’s mother dies. Caroline’s inconsolable father is cheered up a little by Charles and suggests he should write a book filled with his stories.

Episode 12: Crossed Connections: The telephone comes to Walnut Grove. Mrs. Oleson is hired as the switchboard operator.

Episode 13: The Angry Heart: Young criminal Tod Dortmunder (played by Timothy Wead) is sent to Walnut Gove to live with his grandparents. When he is caught stealing a watch the grandparents turn to Charles for help.

Episode 14: The Werewolf of Walnut Grove: Bully Bart (played by Todd Thompson) begins to step up his harassment on other students. To fight back Albert makes a werewolf mask in order to scare the bully.

Episode 15: Whatever Happened to the Class of ’56?: Charles and Caroline travel to a farmer’s convention in Milwaukee. There they learn from their classmates that the larger farmers are trying to put out of business the smaller farmers.

Episode 16: Darkness is My Friend: It is a stormy night and Laura and Mary stay at the School for the Blind. They are taken hostage by a couple of escaped convicts.

Episode 17: Silent Promises: Laura has a new job as a tutor for a deaf boy named Daniel (played by Alban Branton). In the process he falls for his tutor.

Episode 18: May We Make Them Proud, Part 1: Albert tries out smoking. Accidentally he sets the School for the Blind on fire.

Episode 19: May We Make Them Proud, Part 2: Charles makes Jonathan (played by Merlin Olsen) realize how much his overdrinking is affecting his son. Albert begins to understand that his carelessness with a cigarette caused the death of Mary’s baby.

Episode 20: Wilder and Wilder: Almanzo’s brother Perley (played by Charles Bloom) arrives in town. Charles thinks that Perley is the better match for Laura.

Episode 21: Second Spring: Nels is done with how he is treated at home he buys a mobile merchant business. While on a trip he meets a younger woman who is the complete opposite of his wife.

Episode 22: Sweet Sixteen: Laura takes her first out of town teaching job. Almanzo becomes jealous of one of her students.

Episode 23: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part 1: Almanzo proposes to Laura. Charles says they cannot get married until Laura’s eighteenth birthday.

Episode 24: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Part 2: Laura is sad about Almanzo so she tries to distract herself by traveling to find a building good for the School of the Blind. She then finds out Almanzo is really sick and runs to his side.

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