Miguel – Wildheart

miguel wildheartCan music be considered porn? And I don’t mean porn in a dirty and to be kept hidden in the closet kind of way. Rather, I mean a depiction of sex. Plain and simple. Well, actually, there is little simple about it. But you know what I mean. Anyways, if music can be categorized as porn then Miguel has released his first full out porn. Lots of artists make albums about love and relationships. Miguel himself can be included in that vast category. He, however, has brought it up to a whole other level on Wildheart. Previously he went the Marvin Gaye/R&B slow jam route. Now, from the two nude figures (one is him) on the cover of the album to lyrics that are highly sexual and yet not offensive, Miguel is all in. He even muses about the way that porn, which is highly available in this day and age, has had its influence on sex today in the song “The Valley”. Yes, even the title of the song has a sexual meaning to it. Many of the songs just scratch the surface and as such have less of an effect, but there are those that go deep…again in many ways. In this world of image controlled, pre fab pop stars, Miguel is cut from a different cloth and his approach to music is quite refreshing. Think of him as the male Janelle Monae, in that he is so good that he should be more popular than he is. The album is filled with moments of rock (“A Beautiful Exit”), soul, R&B, funk (“Hollywood Dreams”) and even electronica (“The Valley”). Demonstrating his musical flexibility and allowing those delightful harmonies (“What’s Normal Anyway”) to be front and center. This is a daring move by the singer and one that should guarantee him some notice (good or bad) and an album that will be played during many a seduction.

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