cant stand losing you surviving the policeEveryone who knows anything about this band knows that they fought like cats and dogs. With the egos involved it should not come as a surprise to anyone. As a result even though The Police were one of the most successful bands around they broke up in 1986. They so did not get along that they stayed broken up until a reunion tour in 2007-2008. Despite it being over twenty years later and that they had not recorded any new music that tour made the most money of any music tour during that period.

One of the egos in the band, guitarist Andy Summers, wrote a very successful autobiography entitled One Train Later. This documentary by directors Andy Grieve and Lauren Lazin is based on that autobiography. It starts out with Summers getting his feet wet as a musician in the late sixties and then moving on to play with The Animals. Fate led him to meet American drummer Stewart Copeland and then fellow Brit bassist Sting. The three got together to form a punk band, The Police. Despite being at the height of their popularity in the mid-eighties the band broke up due to constant conflict. They were fighting so much that they could not even record their sixth studio album. After two decades apart the band got back together briefly for a reunion world tour in 2007 and 2008.

During the seventies and eighties while the band was together Summers gathered extensive photos and video of the band taken from his perspective and side of the stage. These photos and archival footage were rarely seen up until this documentary. Some interviews with the three band members conducted during the reunion world tour are also here and they are often humourous and insightful. It is also informative and gives a different perspective on the band to hear things from the largely silent Summers. A fresh look at one of the most important bands of the eighties.

Special Features: Andy Summers in His Own Words, Los Angeles Premiere Q&A Video, Mysterious Barricades Photo Exhibition Promo, Extensive Photo Gallery,