Iron and Wine & Ben Bridwell – Sing Into My Mouth

iron and wine and ben bridwell sing into my mouthIt is nice to see two indie artists getting together and collaborating on an eclectic collection of cover songs. You might ask why I say that and it is because when any two artists get together to record an album you wonder if one’s sound or style of music will overshadow the other’s. Doing a cover album sort of takes that out of the equation. Sam Beam aka Iron and Wine and Band of Horses band member, Ben Bridwell obviously respect one another and thought that together they could bring something new to these previously recorded songs. Maybe these are songs that they grew up liking or mutually enjoy. Whatever was behind the song selection it truly was inspired. They have selected from a range of sounds and genres. A Talking Heads song like “This Must Be the Place” and then move on to a progressive rock version of David Gilmour’s “There’s No Way Out of Here”. They dabble in soul with a little known song entitled “Am I A Good Man?”. Members of the band Calexico fill the slot of supporting musicians as well as fill out the sound. What I really like about Sing Into My Mouth is that each song has its own identity and seemingly its own purpose. Plus the vibe on the whole album is of two friends getting together to play songs they enjoy or admire and that makes the whole thing ring true.

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