pitbull daleTaking up where Rihanna left off, Pitbull has now become the busiest man in music. Like Riri in the past, it seems like every couple of months this guy is releasing a new album. His latest is called Dale, which is not in reference to the chipmunk rather a Spanish slang that means “let’s do it or let’s go”. As the album title is in Spanish that is a major hint that this album is also a Spanish language one. Actually, it is more Spanglish – combo of Spanish and English. The guests are Spanish and the beats are definitely Latin. The guy is still a marketing wiz in that even if you do not speak Spanish it should still appeal to you. You just have to check out the track “No Puedo Mas” which liberally uses the hook from the Human League hit from the eighties “Don’t You Want Me”. Pitbull knows how to draw the people in and keep them there by offering them a party. It is not the electronic and dance music influenced stuff he has released lately though it is still the type of album you can play at a party. Showing that he is also interested in branching out and has other sides to him other than party all the time, on the track “Como Yo Le Doy” he slows it down and lets the sexiness ooze out of your speakers. Showing his soft side for the ladies and still being tough enough to bring in the men.