the mindy project season twoI was quite shocked when it was announced a few months ago that this show was cancelled. They say that the good ones always die young and that statement is true when it comes to The Mindy Project. It is rare in this white male dominated industry that a woman of colour (much less an Indian woman) breaks through to create her own show. Attempting to do that and failing miserably almost crushed comedic genius Margaret Cho. Mindy Kaling is this generation’s Margaret Cho in that she is trying to carve a spot on television in which not stick thin, funny, intelligent, women who pose a lot of questions can exist. Let’s hope someone else is smart enough to pick up this show and we are lucky enough to continue on with the mishaps and adventures of Dr. Mindy Lahiri (played by Mindy Kaling).

Episode 1: All My Problems Solved Forever: Mindy and Casey (played by Anders Holm) are settling into life in Haiti when Casey decides to ask Mindy to marry him. Things go off the rail when Mindy is airlifted back to New York for an emergency operation and she gets a taste of her former life.

Episode 2: The Other Dr. L: Mindy tries to get used to her ad Casey having a long distance relationship. She also has to adjust to things being different at work due to the hiring of Dr. Paul Leotard (played by James Franco).

Episode 3: Music Festival: Casey returns from Haiti and no longer knows what he wants in life. Jeremy (played by Ed Weeks) hires a new doctor.

Episode 4: Magic Morgan: Morgan (played by Ike Barinholtz) laments that anyone who sleeps with him will find their true love right after. Mindy sets about testing that theory.

Episode 5: Wiener Night: Mindy begins seeing a stuck up journalist named Jason (played by Ben Feldman) and tries hard to prove herself sophisticated. Christina (played by Chloe Sevigny) has an art show that is totally comprised of nude photos of Danny (played by Chris Messina).

Episode 6: Bro Club for Dudes: Mindy thinks she is ready to join the guys on a boys’ night out. When they go to an MMA fight she is totally in over her head.

Episode 7: Sk8r Man: Danny accuses Mindy of being too picky and so to prove him wrong she starts dating a professional skate boarder (played by Timothy Olyphant). Jeremy’s father (played by Alan Dale) comes for a visit and seems to prefer Peter (played by Adam Pally) over is own son.

Episode 8: You’ve Got Sext: Mindy mentions she has a crush on someone who works in the building and Danny assumes that it is him. Peter and Morgan find Mindy’s phone and begin texting with her crush, Cliff (played by Glenn Howerton).

Episode 9: Mindy Lahiri is a Racist: A blogger invited by Danny to write about the practice labels them all as bigots. Morgan tries to get Cliff to forgive him for not deleting the texts between him and Cliff on Mindy’s phone.

Episode 10: Wedding Crushers: Mindy takes Peter as her date to a former boyfriend’s wedding. Peter turns out to be a great date until he sleeps with the bride.

Episode 11: Christmas Party Sex Trap: Mindy plans a Christmas Party at work in order to impress and spend time with Cliff. It is going well until Brandan’s (played by Mark Duplass) date, Maria Menounos, thrusts herself into the spotlight.

Episode 12: Danny Castellano is My Personal Trainer: Mindy needs to get in shape before going away for a romantic weekend with Cliff so she gets Danny to be her personal trainer. Peter takes over Jeremy’s job when he is off sick and it proves to be nothing but a headache.

Episode 13: L.A.: Mindy, Danny, Peter and Morgan go to Los Angeles for a medical conference. There Mindy runs into Casey.

Episode 14: The Desert: Mindy wants to leave Los Angeles early in order to get Cliff back. Danny tricks her into accompanying him to face his father (played by Dan Hedaya), who abandoned the family when Danny was younger.

Episode 15: French Me, You Idiot: Mindy and Danny have to face up to what happened between them. Jeremy and Peter plot to get the patients from a practice that has recently closed.

Episode 16: Indian BBW: Mindy finds out that a sex tape she made for a former boyfriend is now on the Internet. She is also having trouble defining what kind of relationship she and Danny are actually having.

Episode 17: Be Cool: Danny asks Mindy to keep their relationship a secret. Morgan moves into Mindy’s apartment after she is frightened.

Episode 18: Girl Crush: A doctor (played by Anna Gunn) to the stars who Mindy idolizes tries to hire her. The practice starts a new type of advertising.

Episode 19: Think Like a Peter: Peter wants Mindy to think more like a man so she won’t have her heart broken so easily. Danny gives Tamra (played by Xosha Roquemore) relationship advice and that angers Morgan.

Episode 20: An Officer and a Gynecologist: Mindy gets into trouble with a police officer (played by Tim Daly) after she gives his daughter birth control. Danny becomes friends with a rabbi (played by Peter MacNicol) in the hopes of gaining more business from the Jewish community.

Episode 21: The Girl Next Door: Danny offers to sell Mindy the second condo he owns in his building. Peter starts dating a brain surgeon and she dumps him due to immaturity.

Episode 22: Danny and Mindy: A man she exchanged looks with on the subway contacts Mindy through an ad in the newspaper. Despite the fact that her co-workers warn her, Mindy plunges head first into an email relationship with him.

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