curious george 3 back to the jungleCurious George has been around for a couple of generations and continues to entertain small people through his curious and silly nature. Fun and adventure always seem to follow Curious George around and lessons can be learned from him in most cases. This time around George returns to his roots in the jungle and the film features guest voice work by big actors like John Goodman and Angela Bassett and fun music by the Plain White T’s.

In a change from his usual life filled with fun and giggles, Curious George (voiced by Frank Welker) has the opportunity to do something rather important. He is asked to take part in a very important space mission. Once on the spaceship he does what he normally does and monkeys around. This causes some problems and George is forced to crash land in Africa.

Filled with concern the Man with the Yellow Hat embarks on a search for George. Not one to allow things to get him down, George uses the crash landing as an opportunity to explore the jungle. While doing so the friendly and curious monkey makes plenty of animal friends. When the Man with the Yellow Hat finally finds George the two share different adventures with their new animal friends.

Kids will love watching the little monkey go through space training and exploring the jungle. Most previous Curious George movies have been aimed almost exclusively at the really young whereas this one, with Ron Howard and Brian Glazer as executive producers, has stuff that the slightly older kids will like as well. With the laughs and sing along opportunities this is the perfect animated feature for family movie night. Even adults can enjoy this if they allow the kid inside them to come out.

Special Features: 4 Sing Along Songs: Ordinary Superman, Welcome to Paradise, Beautiful Wild, Together Forever