The Chemical Brothers – Born in the Echoes

the chemical brothers born in the echoesWith each The Chemical Brothers release it transports you back to the mid-nineties to a rave at some ultra secret and cool location. Such is the power of their music. It totally encapsulates a time and a sound. They continue to accomplish this without feeling dated either. The U.K. duo obviously continues have an effect upon and a fond place in the hearts of many a young (or older) music artist and as such they can get guest vocalists on their albums like Q-Tip, Beck and St. Vincent. The Beck contributions to the album are especially noteworthy in that though he outside of his usual music world he still adds much and does not sound out of place. Their beats are still quite chill even though they have gone for a little harder sound than their last album. My favourite and probably the most radio friendly song is the track “Wide Open”. “Radiate” and “Reflection” are also strong songs. Despite the fact that they do have a recognizable The Chemical Brothers sound throughout their career the two men have been able to incorporate some new techniques or rhythms into their music. As such the electronic music world has taken some cues from the two and done the same.

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