Chicago Blackhawks: NHL Stanley Cup 2015 Champions – Blu-ray Edition

chicago blackhawks nhl stanley cup 2015 championsIf you are a Blackhawks fan then you will definitely want to relive the 2014-15 regular season and 2015 NHL playoffs as your team won the big prize yet again. With their great drafting and prudent signings/trades the team from Chicago has made itself the model NHL franchise over the past decade taking up the mantel from the Detroit Red Wings. This was the franchise’s third win since the 2010 season making experts throw around the “dynasty” label. Even if you are not a Blackhawks fans you can still appreciate the talent and effort that went into making them last season’s crème de la crème in the hockey world.

You get in-depth interviews with players and coaches along with a resumé of the regular season. Going into the team’s dressing room and behind the scenes gives you unprecedented access to the team and a close up look on the lengths they had to go to in order to win. This was their bumpiest road to the trophy under coach Joel Quenneville of the three. With long term injuries to key players like Patrick Kane and Corey Crawford they struggled to third place in the Central Division. The playoffs brought on tough opponents like the Minnesota Wild and Anaheim Ducks before they met the talented and young Tampa Bay Lightning. The final went six games with plenty of them being of the white knuckle variety.

Special Features: 2013 Stanley Cup Championship Film

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