Z Nation: Season 1

z nation season 1The SyFy series turns around an apocalypse/zombie tale. It has been three years since the zombie apocalypse on Earth. The ZN1 virus rampaged across the United States changing millions of humans into the living dead. There are small bands of human survivors. Americans are desperate to find a cure for the virus. Small groups of doctors and scientists have been working in secure locations on the antidote. Dr. Merch (played by Lisa Coronado), while the prison she is working at is being compromised, has decided to inject the antidote they have on some not so volunteer inmates. One such testee is a man named Murphy (played by Keith Allen). Unlike the others when bitten by zombies (multiple times) Murphy does not become a zombie; he actually stays human…sort of.

This leads to a lone computer expert working in an undisclosed bunker for the government calling himself Citizen Z (played by DJ Qualls) to reach out to a band of survivors to do everything in their power to bring Murphy from New York all the way to California where they can turn him over to government scientists who will use his blood to make the antidote. It is thrust upon this ragtag group to try and save human kind. Buckle up it is going to be a bumpy, zombie laden ride.

Partly cheesy and partly cooler than most zombie shows, Z Nation is a lot of fun in a zombie apocalypse kind of way. Lots of tongue planted firmly in cheeky happening here. Loads of comedy mixed with the drama.

Episode 1: Puppies and Kittens: A team of largely civilians comprised of Warren (played by Kellita Smith), Doc (played by Russell Hodgkinson), 10K (played by Nat Zang), Addy (played by Anastasia Baranova), Mack (played by Michael Welch), and led by Garnett (played by Tom Everett Scott) are tasked with transporting Murphy, the only known survivor of zombie bites, from New York to California. Citizen Z, a computer expert working alone in a remote bunker, is going to help them try to get there alive.

Episode 2: Fracking Zombies: They have made it to New Jersey when they come upon a hazardous refinery loaded with zombies. The group is very low on supplies and needs to get inside to replenish them.

Episode 3: Philly Feast: A group of cannibals kidnaps Addy and the team has to try and rescue her. Soon they realize that this group has some kind of tie to their latest team member, Cassandra (played by Pisay Pao).

Episode 4: Full Metal Zombie: Citizen Z is trying to lead the group to a helicopter which is atop a skyscraper ripe with zombies. We learn more about 10K’s past.

Episode 5: Home Sweet Zombie: Warren’s hometown is the team’s next stop as they are forced there by a tornado. Once there she keeps her eye open for her missing husband.

Episode 6: Resurrection Z: A zombie worshipping cult leads to trouble for the team as they approach a prison. Something happens there that will change the group forever. Murphy notices he is rapidly changing.

Episode 7: Welcome to the Fu-Bar: The team enters 10k in a Wild West style shooting competition in a remote area of Kansas. Warren has distanced herself from the rest of the team and spends her time drinking heavily in the bar.

Episode 8: Zunami: Citizen Z has to deal with a strange Russian cosmonaut (played by Connor Marx) who has crashed into his station. The team is trapped in a morgue that is overrun with zombies.

Episode 9: Die Zombie Die…Again: The team has to try and help a nuclear plant worker and his daughter stop a nuclear meltdown about to occur at a plant loaded with zombies. Mack and Addy have been separated from the group.

Episode 10: Sisters of Mercy: The female members of the team take shelter in a woman only compound. While the men stay outside, Addy makes a big decision about her future.

Episode 11: Murphy’s Law: A trio wanting to use him to break into a drug company overrun with zombies, kidnaps Murphy. Murphy has to use the zombie powers he is gaining in order to save the team.

Episode 12: Doctor of the Dead: Citizen Z tells the team that the plan has changed and they are no longer heading towards California but now will be going to Colorado. There they hope to find Dr. Merch.

Special Features: Previews of Dominion, Dracula, Continuum, Defiance, Warehouse 13, Battlestar Galactica: Blood + Chrome, Curse of Chucky, Classic Monsters, Bates Motel, Grimm, Gag Reel, Preparing for the ZN1 Virus: Z Nation Concept and Development, Race for the Cure: The Making of Z Nation Season 1, Making of a Znado and More: Behind the Visual Effects, Creating the Gore: A Look Into the World of Synapse FX, Music of the Apocalypse: Making the Z Nation Score, Z Kill Reel

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