our earth our oceansWith our busy lives and the cost of travel there are many places in the world most of us don’t get to travel to. The next best thing then is to watch videos like this one which brings you across the world from Africa to the Grand Canyon and on to Yellowstone. With images so clear you will feel like you’ve actually been there.

Over the hour and thirty two (to be precise) minutes of the film you will be astounded by the wonders and natural beauty of this planet. The documentary really shows the Earth at its best and most wondrous. The people behind this film traveled around the globe for over two years to capture it in all its beauty. Natural wonder after natural wonder appear before your eyes, each more astonishing than the last.

Nature has always been of interest to humans. With Our Earth, Our Oceans we get to see all the animals, places and even plants that caught the director’s eye. We travel across six continents taking in six countries over the course of the film. Such marvelous places at Patagonia, Hawaii and South Africa. We see how all the different species and fauna and environments are able to co-exist together on the planet. Oceans, climate systems and geological formations are all interrelated. This is a cinematic homage to all the wonderful things we share this planet with.

Special Features: Photo Gallery