veruca salt ghost notesThey are back and make you realize oh how you have missed them. Back with their original line up for the first time since 1997, Veruca Salt reminds us what intelligent indie rock sounds like. The first listen to songs like “Laughing in the Sugar Bowl” and “Black and Blonde” you will emit a big “ahhh” and sink into the comfort that only good music can give you. Vocalists Nina Gordon and Louise Post knock it out of the park on most tracks. The harmonies they produce can only be described as angelic. That effect is amplified by the crash of the snare and the pounding of the bass. All perfect touches to compliment one another. Though not too perfect (and that makes it even more perfect) as there is a “dirtiness” to the sound. The lyrics are what good artists produce as they get older meaning they are a mix of wisdom and nostalgia. Smart and asking plenty of questions about this world we live in. Despite their time apart they sound better than ever. Run, don’t walk to buy this.