murdoch mysteries season eightAn engaging series that occurs during the Victorian era in Toronto that centers on brilliant detective William Murdoch (played by Yannick Bisson) and his attempts to solve seemingly impossible cases. Murdoch is one of the forefathers of some of the technologies used to solve crimes.  Season four saw Murdoch go through a professional and personal crisis so at the beginning of season five he has abandoned his career path to take up gold prospecting.  Fear not as his true calling beckons and Murdoch is soon back to solving mysteries.


Episode 1: On the Waterfront, Part 1: A murder at the Queen’s Hotel seems to be an assassination. Inspector Brackenreid (played by Thomas Craig) has recovered physically but not mentally from his injuries.


Episode 2: On the Waterfront, Part 2: Brackenreid is going after the O’Shea brothers for some payback for his beating. Murdoch (played by Yannick Brisson) believes that the murder of a waterfront merchant is linked to the beating of Brackenreid.


Episode 3: Glory Days: A reporter does a story on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid robbing a bank in Toronto. Julia (played by Helene Joy) and Murdoch have differing opinions as to where they should get married.


Episode 4: Holy Matrimony, Murdoch!: Murdoch is investigating a man who might have murdered his wife. Julia is a witness for the prosecution on the case.


Episode 5: Murdoch Takes Manhattan: While on their honeymoon, Murdoch and Julia get involved in a case involving the U.S. president, Teddy Roosevelt. In Toronto, Brackenreid and Dr. Grace (played by Georgina Reilly) are involved in a case involving a murder by a motorcar.


Episode 6: The Murdoch Appreciation Society: Crabtree (played by Jonny Harris) is on the hunt for a body missing from medical school. Murdoch begins a case in which a body was found in a park.


Episode 7: What Lies Buried: The body of a constable from 1881 is discovered in the concrete of Station 4 and so the cold case is reopened. The investigation leads Murdoch to believe it was his colleagues.


Episode 8: High Voltage: The inventor of the electric chair seems to have been killed by his new invention. Thomas Edison Jr. ends up being the prime suspect.


Episode 9: The Keystone Constables: A vaudeville performer is shot to death and WC Fields is a suspect. Crabtree and Higgins go undercover to investigate.


Episode 10: Murdoch and the Temple of Death: A body is discovered in a temple that could contain the Holy Grail. There seems to be a deadly end to those who search for it though.


Episode 11: All That Glitters: An Ontario railroad surveyor is murdered and his last words could be important clues that lead to the killer. Murdoch and Crabtree find themselves caught up in the silver boom.


Episode 12: The Devil Wears Whalebone: An underwear model is murdered. The only clue seems to be a brick thrown through his window.


Episode 13: The Incurables: An asylum is the setting for the murder of a nurse. Julia’s life has also been threatened by a group of violent inmates.


Episode 14: Toronto’s Problem Girl: Dr. Grace and Lillian (played by Sara Mitich) go undercover to infiltrate a shoplifting ring. Charlie (played by Charlie Clements), Brackenreid’s nephew, joins Station 4.


Episode 15: Shipwreck: A former mentor of Murdoch’s who is a priest joins in on an investigation. This reunion forces Murdoch to address things from his past.


Episode 16: Crabtree Mania: The death of a wrestling champ might be as a result of foul play. Crabtree heads his first investigation.


Episode 17: Election Day: It is election day and a voter is found dead by strangulation. Julia and the women have suffered a setback.


Episode 18: Artful Detective: Murdoch tries to catch a serial killer who mutilates his victims. He soon finds himself a target.


Special Features: Making of, 100th Episode