i love lucy ultimate season 2Rare is the television show that is over sixty years old that can still appeal to people. I Love Lucy is one of a handful of shows that truly can be considered timeless. The talent this particular red head had at knowing what was funny and making people laugh was second to none. It has everything from strong comedic acting and writing to great chemistry between the actors and the fact that it helped change television. Season two is an important one for many reasons. One is that it involves the beloved Lucy working at the chocolate factory episode. If you do not laugh yourself silly during this one you really are a tough sell. It was also the season in which Lucy (and Lucille Ball) is pregnant and the show, unlike many at the time, actually dealt with it in a semi-realistic way. A show that was popular during its time and continues to be so deserves a blu-ray release.


Episode 1: Job Switching: Ricky (played by Desi Arnaz) and Fred (played by William Frawley) are once again upset about Lucy (played by Lucille Ball) and Ethel’s (played by Vivian Vance) overspending. They decide to switch it up with the ladies going out to work and the men staying home to take care of the house.


Episode 2: The Saxophone: Lucy is upset about being left at home while Ricky goes out on tour. She tries to join him by convincing him she can really play the saxophone.


Episode 3: The Anniversary Present: As their wedding anniversary is coming up Ricky decides to buy pearls for Lucy from the lady next door. Lucy begins to think that Ricky is having an affair.


Episode 4: The Handcuffs: Using an old pair of handcuffs of Fred’s, Lucy attaches herself to Ricky. She doesn’t know, however, that there are no keys for them.


Episode 5: The Operetta: For a club benefit the Mertzes and the Ricardos do an operetta.


Episode 6: Vacation From Marriage: Lucy convinces Ethel that their marriages are in a rut. To get out of it, the ladies decide to spend some time away from their husbands.


Episode 7: The Courtroom: Redecorating: Lucy and Ethel are both tired of their furniture. They both enter a contest in which the grand prize is five rooms of new furniture.


Episode 8: Ricky Loses Her Voice: Just before he does a show for the new owner of the Tropicana Ricky gets a sore throat.


Episode 9: Lucy is Enceinte: Lucy learns she is pregnant. She now has to figure out how she is going to tell Ricky.


Episode 10: Pregnant Women are Unpredictable: A pregnant Lucy’s moods vary greatly. Ricky finds himself having to deal with her swinging emotions.


Episode 11: Lucy’s Show Biz Swan Song: The Ricardos and the Mertzes are going to do a barbershop skit for the club. Lucy insists on participating as her swan song before giving birth.


Episode 12: Lucy Hires an English Tutor: Lucy begins to worry about the questions her child could possibly ask her. So she decides to hire a tutor to teach her, Ricky, Ethel and Fred how to deal with them.


Episode 13: Ricky Has Labor Pains: Ricky begins to have psychosomatic labor pains.


Episode 14: Lucy Becomes a Sculptress: Lucy decides to explore her artistic side. So she decides to take up sculpting.


Episode 15: Lucy Goes to the Hospital: Lucy gives birth.


Episode 16: Sales Resistance: A slick salesman targets Lucy. She does not seem to be able to say no to him.


Episode 17: The Inferiority Complex: Lucy is suffering from the blues. Ricky and the Mertzes try to get her out of her doldrums.


Episode 18: The Club Election: The president position is vacant in the women’s club. Lucy and Ethel run against each other.


Episode 19: The Black Eye: The Ricardos and Mertzes think back to when Ricky accidentally gave Lucy a black eye.


Episode 20: Lucy Changes Her Mind: Ricky gets angry about Lucy starting a million different things but never finishing them. She finds a love letter to an old boyfriend and decides to finish it.


Episode 21: No Children Allowed: Little Ricky is constantly crying and Lucy is at her rope’s end. A neighbour insists that the lease says no children though Ethel says that does not matter and they can stay.


Episode 22: Lucy Hires a Maid: Lucy feels she needs help taking care of the baby and cleaning the house. She hires a maid who turns out to be very pushy.


Episode 23: The Indian Show: Ricky is planning to do an Indian show at the club and needs people to play Indians. Of course Lucy, Ethel and Fred volunteer.


Episode 24: Lucy’s Last Birthday: Lucy is sad when she believes that everyone has forgotten her birthday. She takes off not knowing that a surprise party has been planned for her at the club.


Episode 25: The Ricardos Change Apartments: Lucy wants to move to a bigger apartment. Now she has to convince Ricky that they need one.


Episode 26: Lucy is Matchmaker: One of Fred’s friends is in town for a visit. Lucy and Ethel decide to play matchmaker for him.


Episode 27: Lucy Wants New Furniture: Lucy buys some new furniture without consulting Ricky. He insists that she use her own money to pay for it.


Episode 28: The Camping Trip: Ricky and Fred are going on a camping trip. Lucy insists on coming along.


Episode 29: Ricky and Fred are TV Fans: The girls are sick of the guys taking over the television to watch the fights. In an attempt to distract them away from the television the girls do something that gets them arrested.


Episode 30: Never Do Business With Friends: The Ricardos buy a new washing machine and sell their old one to the Mertzes. It breaks down before the Mertzes pay for it causing a huge fight between the two couples.


Special Features: 1952 Promo, Flashbacks, “Job Switching” Colorized Version, “Job Switching” French-Canadian Version, The Handcuffs: 1955 Repeat, Flubs, Lucy on the Radio, Meet William Asher, Guest Cast Profiles, Sponsor Talent, Missing Scene, Production Notes, Photo Gallery, Take a Bow, Stars in the Eye, CBS Eye, Syndicated Version, Behind the Scenes, Welcome Little Ricky, Heart Fund PSA, Meet Karl Freund, The Red Skelton Show, Spanish Main Title, Meet Richard & Ronald Lee Simmons, Special Baby Photo Gallery, I Love Lucy: The Movie, Meet Edward Sedgwick, Movie Guest Bios, Movie Notes