atlantis season two part twoA series using the mythical lost city of Atlantis as its backdrop. In part two of season two Atlantis seems at peril to do just that – be lost. That is unless Jason (played by Jack Donnelly) fulfills his destiny. We are a year after Jason washed up upon the shores of Atlantis and much has changed. King Minos is dead and his daughter is the ruler. Ariadne’s (played by Aiysha Hart) kingdom is being threatened in many ways. Bloody struggles for power and control of land are happening. The new Queen has to turn to those precious few she trusts for advice and support.

Episode 1: A Fate Worse Than Death: Pasiphae (played by Sarah Parish) is determined to put a halt to the wedding of Jason and Ariadne. She sees this as an important move in the battle for control of Atlantis.

Episode 2: The Madness of Hercules: Jason’s execution is two days away. Hercules (played by Mark Addy) tries to free Jason but is caught and imprisoned himself.

Episode 3: The Gorgon’s Gaze: Pasiphae learns that the gods can refuse her as the ruler of Atlantis. To go around this she decides to torture Ariadne until she declares her step-mother at the rule of Atlantis.

Episode 4: The Dying of the Light: His friends are shocked by Jason’s behaviour while they are all on the run. Pythagoras (played by Robert Emms) is worried and so he sneaks back into Atlantis.

Episode 5: Kin: Jason is captured and returned to Atlantis. For some reason Pasiphae seems to want to keep him alive.

Episode 6: The Queen Must Die: Despite the fact that Pasiphae rules Atlantis Jason returns to try and rescue his friends. He and his friends realize that the only way to get out from under this danger is to kill the Queen.

Special Features: Bringing the Legend to Life