star wars rebels season oneThe crew of the starship Ghost is joined by the young Ezra Bridger (voiced by Taylor Gray) in their battle against the Empire. The Empire rules with an iron fist not allowing the people any liberties so that is why a resistance has sprung up. So Ezra and his new friends take up the fight which brings them right across the entire galaxy. They gain some friends and help as they go along but are also pursued relentlessly by the Imperials and a jedi hunter named the Inquisitor.


Episode 1: Spark of Rebellion: Normal kid Ezra finds himself in the middle of the rebellion against the Empire. The Inquisitor (voiced by Jason Isaac) is sent after the children of the force by Darth Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones).


Episode 2: Droids in Distress: The rebel group is able to intercept an Imperial weapon shipment. To their surprise within the shipment are two androids.


Episode 3: Fighter Flight: Ezra and Zeb (voiced by Steve Blum) take a trip to the market for supplies. The trip is also a time for them to work on their relationship.


Episode 4: Rise of the Old Masters: A rescue mission is undertaken by the rebel crew. While doing this they come face to face with an old enemy.


Episode 5: Breaking Ranks: Ezra is sent by the rebels on an undercover mission. He is to go to the Imperial Academy and steal a decoder.


Episode 6: Out of Darkness: Hera (voiced by Vanessa Marshall) and Sabine (voiced by Tiya Sircar) go on a supply run. It becomes obvious that even though it is at a remote location they are not alone.


Episode 7: Empire Day: The crew has planned to interrupt Empire Day in order to destroy a prototype of a TIE fighter. They find out that a refugee has some important information and they must hide him from the Imperial.


Episode 8: Gathering Forces: Kanan (voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.) and Ezra attempt to distract the Imperial forces. They do so in order to protect a deserter.


Episode 9: Path of the Jedi: Ezra’s position within the team is put to the test. Kazan continues with his training of him as a jedi.


Episode 10: Idiot’s Array: The crew makes an imprudent bet with someone new. As a result, they have to transport some strange cargo.


Episode 11: Vision of Hope: The Imperial are attempting to capture an exiled dignitary. The crew of the Ghost is going to try and stop it.


Episode 12: Call to Action: The rebel activity gets some attention paid to the cause. They decide that their next target will be a vital Imperial network.


Episode 13: Rebel Resolve: Kanan is being held prisoner. The rebels try to ascertain his location so they can attempt to rescue him.


Episode 14: Fire Across the Galaxy: A plan is in motion to save Kanan. The crew of the Ghost have to overcome much to get to him.


Special Features: Rebels Infiltrates Star Wars Celebration (Blu-ray exclusive), Season One shorts (Blu-ray exclusive): “The Machine in the Ghost”, “Art Attack”, “Entanglement”, “Property of Ezra Bridger”, Rebels Recon: 14 behind-the-scenes featurettes, Star Wars Rebels – The Ultimate Guide, Star Wars Rebels Season 2 – A Look Ahea