scorpion season oneBased on a true story, Scorpion is a government group of geniuses with different skills who wage battle against today’s biggest threat – criminals using technology. Comprised of behaviour, mechanical and mathematical experts, the group is headed by a man who is a genius himself, Walter O’Brien (played by Elyse Gabel) and led by federal agent Cabe Callo (played by Robert Patrick). They work for Homeland Security as a kind of think tank. As is the case with most geniuses the members of the group are not very in tune with the real world or people, so they count on the mother of gifted boy, Paige Dineen (played by Katherine McPhee) to help them navigate. The members of the group are gaining twofold by keeping the world safe while at the same time learning how to navigate in it.


Episode 1: Pilot: The government gets genius Walter O’Brien to form a group of geniuses they will use to defend the United States against technological criminals. Their first assignment is to land airplanes after the communication system shuts down.


Episode 2: Single Point of Failure: Four children, one being a governor’s daughter, are targeted and given a genetic virus. For Walter and Agent Gallo the case is too close for comfort.


Episode 3: A Cyclone: Team Scorpion feels compelled to prove their worth to Agent Gallo after failing a military training mission. Their chance arises when a bomber threatens to incapacitate the entire Southwest’s access to the Internet.


Episode 4: Shorthanded: It is off to Vegas for Team Scorpion to work on a mission involving a casino. Walter has been framed for a robbery.


Episode 5: Plutonium is Forever: A decommissioned nuclear plant is on the verge of a meltdown. To help with this latest mission Team Scorpion is joined by a former member of the group.


Episode 6: True Colors: Team Scorpion’s latest mission involves high end art fraud. Hetty Lange (played by Linda Hunt) comes on board to help with this case.


Episode 7: Father’s Day: A group of convicts escape from prison and it is up to Scorpion to find them. Paige advises Ralph (played by Riley B. Smith) to manage his expectation when his father returns into his life.


Episode 8: Risky Business: Drew (played by Brendan Hines) asks Walter for help in order to connect with his son. A music blogger is killed and it may be over an algorithm a musician has produced that makes popular songs.


Episode 9: Rogue Element: Cabe’s ex-wife uncovers evidence that the death of a congressman is due to foul play. Team Scorpion is brought on to the case to keep her safe.


Episode 10: Talismans: A military plane is shot down over Bosnia and the team has to protect its stealth technology. Walter’s sister visits Sylvester (played by Ari Stidham) at the garage.


Episode 11: Revenge: Sylvester triggers an explosive device by accident and is injured in the ensuing explosion. The team tries to figure out who is behind it all.


Episode 12: Dominoes: Near the beach a ten-year-old boy finds himself stuck in a sinkhole. The team has to figure out a way to get him out before the tide comes in filling it with water.


Episode 13: Kill Screen: Ralph accidentally during his game play reveals the location of a CIA safe house. The team tries to help him when FBI takes him in for questioning.


Episode 14: Charades: Team Scorpion is tasked with finding a mole within the CIA. To aid with the case, Paige teaches Walter how to flirt.


Episode 15: Forget Me Nots: An injured former Secret Service agent works with the team which is trying to restore his memory. The launch of a nuclear missile from a U.S. silo is going to happen if they are not successful.


Episode 16: Love Boat: The team goes undercover on a cruise ship in order to find and disarm stolen rockets. Toby (played by Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Happy (played by Jadyn Wong) help Ralph as he is suffering through his first crush.


Episode 17: Going South: A billionaire who made his money in technology has hired the team to locate his kidnapped daughter. The team is not quite as tight after Walter gives an interview and fails to acknowledge them.


Episode 18: Once Bitten, Twice Die: A conflict in Eastern Europe threatens to explode. Team Scorpion is brought in to aid with secret peace talks in the hopes of avoiding World War III.


Episode 19: Young Hearts Spark Fire: Team Scorpion latest assignment involves finding lost hikers. This is made more difficult when the helicopter they are using crashes and starts a wildfire.


Episode 20: Crossroads: Team Scorpion has to protect the key witness in a drug cartel case leading up to her testifying. They have to go on the run as they are pursued by the cartel.


Episode 21: Cliffhanger: Walter discovers what Cabe has been hiding about the Baghdad mission. The secret threatens to tear Team Scorpion apart.


Episode 22: Postcards From the Edge: The future of Team Scorpion is uncertain. They find themselves having to work together when Walter’s life is hanging in the balance.


Special Features: Audio commentary by Nick Santora, Nick Wootton, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong, Sam Hill and Don Tardino, Audio commentary by Nick Santora, Nick Wootton, Ari Stidham, Katherine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Robert Patrick, Building Team Scorpion, Unlikely Heroes: The Making of Scorpion Season 1, When Hetty Meets Scorpion, Chasing the Plane, Meet Team Scorpion, Inside the Brain with Eddie Kaye Thomas, Stunts on Scorpion, Living On The Edge, Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Cast “Thank You”