the originals the complete first seasonMore vampires…sigh…do we really need another show with these blood sucking creatures of the night as the focal point? If they are of the entertainment value that The Originals is then the answer is yes. Addictively good even if you are not that into vampires.


Premise is that this is a family of vampires that is around a thousand years old.  Once upon a time they founded a city and ruled it. Now they have fallen from grace and are on the bottom. But like anyone else in this position they dream of returning to their former position of power. Plus they want revenge on those who have wronged them. The undead clawing for power and seeking revenge? What could be more fun to watch?


Episode 1: Always and Forever: Klaus (played by Joseph Morgan) returns to the French Quarter in New Orleans – a city that years and years ago he helped build. He sees that his former protégé Marcel (played by Charles Michael Davis) has taken over.


Episode 2: House of the Rising Son: Rebekah (played by Claire Holt) arrives in New Orleans fearing that Klaus is up to no good. Marcel looks for Davina’s (played by Danielle Campbell) help.


Episode 3: Tangled Up in Blue: Klaus and Rebekah join forces to bring Marcel down. They ask Sophie (played by Daniella Pineda) for her help.


Episode 4: Girl in New Orleans: Davina convinces Marcel to allow her to go to a street music festival. Rebekah wants to figure out what is going on with Elijah (played by Daniel Gillies).


Episode 5: Sinners and Saints: Klaus is irate over the dangers being posed to his unborn child and wants answers from Sophie. Davina’s confession to her new ally reveals some shocking facts about the witches.


Episode 6: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree: Klaus demonstrates that he will go to any length to ensure Hayley’s (played by Phoebe Tonkin) safety and that of their unborn child. Marcel turns to an old friend for advice as he feels as if he has no one else he can trust.


Episode 7: Bloodletting: Hayley worries for her safety and the babies when someone from her past comes back. Tensions rise between Klaus and Elijah.


Episode 8: The River in Reverse: A war begins between Klaus and Marcel. Klaus accuses his siblings of betrayal.


Episode 9: Reigning Pain in New Orleans: Klaus has to readjust to being king of New Orleans. Davina feels as if Marcel has betrayed her.


Episode 10: The Casket Girls: The annual Casket Girls Festival is about to take place in the French Quarter. Elijah and Marcel form an alliance.


Episode 11: Après Moi, Le Déluge: Davina falls deathly ill and the repercussions are felt throughout the French Quarter. Sophie comes up with a plan to save Davina.


Episode 12: Dance Back From the Grave: Marcel is angry and refuses to help Klaus. Down by the docks Rebekah finds evidence of a sacrifice.


Episode 13: Crescent City: St. Anne’s Church is reopened and Father Kieran (played by Todd Stashwick) finds himself in loads of trouble. With the full moon coming up Hayley tells Rebekah about her plans to throw a party for the werewolf clan.


Episode 14: Long Way Back From Hell: Rebekah’s past comes back to haunt her. Klaus gets free and is looking to punish Rebekah.


Episode 15: Le Grand Guignol: Hayley is at a loss as to what she should do next and so decides to hold Sabine (played by Shannon Kane) hostage. She wants knowledge on how to reverse the curse on her werewolf clan.


Episode 16: Farewell to Storyville: Davina is brought back from the dead. Marcel turns to another to save Rebekah.


Episode 17: Moon Over Bourbon Street: Elijah assumes control of the French Quarter. He receives an offer than involves a party.


Episode 18: The Big Uneasy: Marcel plots on ways to regain his former power. Hayley is not sure who she should be loyal to.


Episode 19: An Unblinking Death: Klaus and Elijah disagree about the best way to deal with the Crescent Wolves. Elijah takes a trip to the bayou.


Episode 20: A Closer Walk With Thee: Hayley and the baby are in danger during a wake. Genevieve (played by Elyse Levesque) is having some trouble keeping control over Davina and other witches.


Episode 21: The Battle of New Orleans: Marcel realizes that Klaus’s plan will wipe out all vampires in the French Quarter. He rallies others in his efforts to regain control of New Orleans.


Episode 22: From a Cradle to a Grave: Klaus and Elijah search for Hayley as the baby’s due date approaches. Hayley is determined to keep the baby safe from the witches.


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