Hell on Wheels: The Complete Fourth Season – Blu-ray Edition

hell on wheels the complete fourth seasonWe are in the 1860s and former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannan (played by Anson Mount) is on the hunt for revenge against those who have wronged him. This leads him to an association with the Transcontinental Railroad.


For the most part the story is very interesting and well written but as you get deeper into it there tends to be more and more melodramatic moments. Though this probably has to do with the fact that the cast keeps getting bigger and bigger so the moments for the supporting characters are fewer and far between so there is a compulsion to make this moments count. Expect plenty of mind games, showdowns and real feelings in this season.


Episode 1: The Elusive Eden: Cullen is waiting for his child to be born. Thomas Durant (played by Colm Meaney) has to deal with the aftermath of the railroad accident.


Episode 2: Escape From the Garden: Cullen is planning to leave Fort Smith so he challenges the Swede (played by Christopher Heyerdahl). Someone new arrives in Cheyenne and has an immediate impact.


Episode 3: Chicken Hill: Cullen is back in Cheyenne. As the residents there thought he was dead seeing him again is a shock.


Episode 4: Reckoning: Naomi (played by Mackenzie Porter), who is a Mormon, is having a little trouble adjusting to life in Cheyenne. Durant has tasked Cullen with figuring out a way for the railroad to pass over the mountains.


Episode 5: Life’s A Mystery: The arrival of someone new puts Cullen’s family in danger. The Swede has to face the music at Fort Smith.


Episode 6: Bear Man: After a fight with a bear the man called Bear Killer (played by Common) is taken care of by the Comanche. He shows his loyalty by joining them as they attack the blue coats.


Episode 7: Elam Ferguson: Bear Killer or Elam arrives in Cheyenne looking to sell some female slaves. Durant is looking for revenge after his attack.


Episode 8: Under Color of Law: Cullen takes Naomi and William back to the Mormon settlement at Fort Smith. Despite all he has done, the Swede is forgiven.


Episode 9: Two Trains: Cullen tries to free Durant and the other prisoners when John Campbell (played by Jake Weber) decides to bring them back east. Might be tricky as Sydney Snow (played by Jonathan Scarfe) and his men are looking to stop him.


Episode 10: Return to Hell: Cullen, Durant and Campbell have to work together on how to protect the residents of Cheyenne. An unnerving and rather large act of violence that occurred has the whole town on edge.


Episode 11: Bleeding Kansas: A criminal’s life is in danger so Cullen and Durant work together to save him. Louise (played by Jennifer Ferrin) supports Ruth (played by Kasha Kropinski) as she deals with a loss.


Episode 12: Thirteen Steps: Cullen is thrown by Ruth’s startling decision. In order to fight for something she believes in Louise puts her reputation on the line.


Episode 13: Further West: The railroad is about to Cheyenne. Cullen travels to Fort Smith to get his family.


Special Features: A Look at Season 4, The New Characters of Season 4, On the Set with Colm Meaney, On the Set with Jake Weber, Cheyenne Set Tour, Anson Mount Retrospective, Inside Hell on Wheels

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