Rob Thomas – The Great Unknown

Rob Thomas is one of those musicians that you known what you are going to get from him. No matter if he is putting out solo material or stuff with his band Matchbox Twenty you can safely predict the sound involved. Now, that might sound like a diss but if you enjoy his music then he is a known quantity and you will continue liking it. Despite the title of his third solo album, The Great Unknown, his music is a consistent. Pop rock fills the thirteen trarob thomas the great unknowncks with some slight deviations into acoustic ballads. Hooks are piled upon hooks. Musical ear worms that will work their way into your subconscious and stay in your head for days. The album starts off with the radio friendly “I Think We’d Feel Good Together” and never really stops giving you catchy tracks. The lead off track as well as a few others has a modern digitized feel to it. “Hold on Forever” is probably the best song of the lot with a nice acoustic guitar accompanying Thomas’ voice. Though on certain days title track “The Great Unknown”, which I am sure will be released as a single, is my fave. A midtempo ballad that is chock full of the type of emotion that we’ve come to expect from Rob Thomas.