future ds2The Atlanta born singer-rapper Future is coming off his last album Honest underperforming. Much was expected from this guy who is a favourite of Jay Z and the album got very little attention. Now he is back with DS2 with the hope that it makes his the most mainstream of the pretenders to the Trap King of rap throne. Does pop and trap music mix? Stay tuned to find out. Like the title Trap King indicates, a lot of what Future focuses on is drugs. The guy makes it seem through his music that it is a huge part of his life. He has used the formula that worked for him on his über popular mixtapes. Meaning that everything has a rough sound to it here. That and the title of the album makes this a sequel to his mixtape of several years ago. Future is mining his past to create his future. The formula is to make songs that are very listenable which are comprised of verses that sound like plenty of blunt smoking was happening and then choruses that kick things up ten notches. Bravo to him for being true to who he is and going back to being the artist that he wants rather than trying to fit in to the crazy music industry. There are your usual amount of guests including Drake, but Future is the man in charge and up front on every track. Put it on and let the eighteen tracks ride. There are precious few throwaway moments to be heard.