Iron Maiden – The Book of Souls

iron maiden book of soulsAs they have done throughout their lengthy career Iron Maiden has an album for offer that tells plenty of graphic tales. The Book of Souls, the band’s sixteenth album, speaks of battles, kings and impossible voyages to the skies. Fanciful and colourful stories that will have you marveling at each word and twist in the stories. The British metal band has always had the ability to keep going back to the well involving stories of like subjects and never allowing it to become boring. You know what you are getting from songs with titles like “The Red and the Black” and “Death or Glory”. They truly are masters. Accompanying the words is the trio of dueling guitarists which offer up solo and riffs en masse. It is also must have been a relief to fans of the band that lead singer Bruce Dickinson seems fully recovered from his fight with tongue cancer without it having affected his singing voice. His distinctive voice has always been a huge part of the band’s sound. The album’s final track “Empire of the Clouds” is a perfect illustration of what Iron Maiden has always been about. It is an eighteen minute song that demonstrates the band’s non-conformity, drive to tell a story with their songs, the level of their ambition and that they will always strive to challenge themselves. A great bonus if you buy the deluxe version is that besides the double CD you get a hardcover book.

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