Come Party with The Tea Party

the tea party live 2015The Tea Party started out in Windsor, O­ntario 21 years ago and have had quite a journey.During the 1990s one of the biggest Canadian rock bands going was The Tea Party. With their unique bluesy rock sound and lead singer Jeff Martin uncanny likeness to Jim Morrison the band was a big success right up until they broke up in 2005.

In 2012 the band got back together after seven years apart and after a tour of Canada they headed off to do some dates in Australia. The time apart seems to really have rejuvenated the band members as they play with a passion and fervor not seen for many a year.

Led by vocalist/guitarist Martin, along with bassist/keyboardist Stuart Chatwood and drummer Jeff Burrows, their early influences like The Beatles evolved towards Middle Eastern music. They have opened for the likes of Page & Plant and Ozzy Ozbourne and front man Martin evokes the look of Jim Morrison, although their sound is comparable to early Led Zeppelin. The Tea Party takes a more philosophical and literary approach to the themes of their songs. The band does not present your typical of rock “cars and girls” type tunes. “You’re in a position where you really have, I don’t want to say power, but influence, and why not use it towards something that you appreciate and could improve someone’s life,” says drummer Jeff Burrows. It all makes for a truly excellent live show. Be sure to catch The Tea Party o­n their Montreal stop.