Casino Royale – Blu-ray Edition

casino royaleThis is the first novel that Ian Fleming wrote about the dashing British spy, James Bond. We are introduced to the exciting, suave, ladies man Bond in this novel that centers on bringing the bad guys down through a high-stakes game of poker (baccarat in the novel). The Bond series of films had run itself into the ground lately as it lost its flair and energy. With the recasting of Daniel Craig into the lead role there was initially outrage, but when the film came out critics had to eat crow and admit he was the perfect choice. The Bond character is not just about having dark hair and a suaveness, Bond has to be believable as a world-class spy and does have an edge to him. Craig brought the perfect amount of acting chops and edginess to the role. He was smoldering and sexy. The energy he brought to the role jumped off the screen. It did not hurt that director Martin Campbell (The Legend of Zorro, Beyond Borders) decided to focus on chase scenes and hand-to-hand combat rather than gadgets and technology for this film. This really played into Craig’s strengths in regards to the characters. We believe him to be physically able to do the things required in the film. I don’t know if we felt the same way about Pierce Brosnan or Timothy Dalton. On the downside the story behind the film is not up to par with its lead actor. It certainly does not equal what Craig brings to the character. All in all though it is a triumphant return of the popular spy series. Bond is back! I can’t wait for the next film!

James Bond (Daniel Craig – Infamous, ) is a secret agent for the British government who likes to live on the edge. This disregard for policy aggravates his boss, M (Judy Dench – Notes on a Scandal, Mrs. Brown), but generally gets the job done. His way. It is early in his career but with two assassinations in quick succession Bond’s status is upgraded to ’00’, meaning he now has the license to kill. Agent 007 is now sent on a mission to Madagascar, which leads to him going to The Bahamas and finally Montenegro in his quest to capture international criminal Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelson – After the Wedding). Le Chiffre is desperate for the money he lost of his international financiers and will do anything to get his hands on it. He is an expert poker player so he uses a high-stakes game going on in order to restore the needed funds. His life hangs in the balance so no risk is too large for him to take. Thankfully, Bond is also an expert poker player and so he inserts himself into the game. Still not trusting Bond, M puts him under the watchful eyes of the very careful financially Vesper Lynd (Eva Green – Kingdom of Heaven, The Dreamers). The two go up against the increasingly desperate Le Chiffre and their hands are full.


Special Features:

  • Becoming Bond: An intimate look at how Daniel Craig stepped into the role of the 6th James Bond
  • James Bond: For Real: Inside look at action and stunts of film
  • Bond Girls Are Forever: Closer Look at Bond’s Leading Ladies
  • Chris Cornell’s Music Video, “You Know My Name”
  • Digital Copy

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