dont blame it on the stork2Tony Calabretta shows us how humor is our best friend while managing life challenges. He wrote the script and stars in the play. His character, Lou, is a charming, word fumbling, simpleton who eternally loves his high school sweetheart, Carmie, but in her eyes he is forever banished into the Friend Zone.
The exploration of Carmie’s close Italian family and their way of relating to each other is fascinating. She chose to marry out of her cultural background and quickly we discover that her husband and father of her soon to be born child is having difficulty adjusting, or is it that he was not sure that he was really in love with her ? Lots more tasty stuff goes on with the rest of the family but we’ll leave it for you to appreciate when you see the show.
In the posh Leonardo da Vinci Theatre we are entertained while witnessing stories of love and dedication, infidelity and breaking up, displaced blame, making mistakes and forgiveness, feelings in everyday relationships, fear and bravery and acceptance and tolerance always to be lightened up with Lou’s choice funny words. Styrofoam becomes stereo phone and eulogy becomes urology just at the right time to catch the audience’s appreciation of a good laugh to lighten up the serious moment. It is for this reason that I believe we all enthusiastically applauded after each scene.
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Shows until October 11, 2015
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Photos by: Gino Calabretta