barbie in rock n royalsFish out of water has been used in comedy many, many times. Awkwardness is something that really makes people laugh. This is probably what Karen J. Lloyd et al. were going for in this latest Barbie animated film. They give you this tried and true comedic style along with all the things you would want/expect from a Barbie animated movie. Sounds like a winning formula, no? And yet it ends up just being so so and rather underwhelming.

Princess Courtney is worried and excited at the same time about going to Camp Royalty while pop star Erika is not looking forward to Camp Pop. These two very different lives get all jumbled together when Princess Courtney is mistaken for Erika and vice versa. They each go to the other’s camp without initially knowing it.

Yes, it is all rather predictable as to what happens and the situations that are set up, but it looks good so that goes a long way. Meaning that the animation is great. The female characters are all different looking and have fairly realistic facial expressions. The songs are all rather fun and will have the young ones singing along.

It will keep the young girls interested. Not the best Barbie movie, but good enough.

Special Features: “What If I Shine Remix” Music Video, “Raise Our Voices” Music Video, “What a Day” Motion Comic, Previews of Barbie Spy Squad, Barbie + Her Sisters in the Great Puppy Adventure, Barbie in Princess Power, Barbie and the Secret Door, Barbie the Pearl Princess, The Barbie Movie Collection, Digital Copy