helix season 2If it is not zombies that bring about an apocalypse a deadly disease is the second choice in today’s television and film world. In this television series on SyFy a team of scientists are dispatched to Alaska to study what could possibly be the outbreak of a killer disease. It soon became evident that the disease was possibly man made and that a huge corporation could be behind it with the aim of reducing the population in order to decrease the stress on the planet. With this stress and the isolation, the team of scientists undergoes plenty of conflict and differences of opinion on how to go about things. In season two the team, under the direction of a new leader, travels to an island and find the disease there as well. Now it becomes a race against the clock, a preoccupation with immortals and sibling rivalry.


Episode 1: San Jose: Peter (played by Neil Napier), Sarah (played by Jordan Hayes) and Kyle (played by Matt Long) arrive on a mysterious wooded island to further investigate the pathogen. This disease killed everyone aboard the Mist of Avalon except Leila (played  by Cristina Rosato).


Episode 2: Reunion: Sarah finds that Alan (played by Billy Campbell) is a member of Brother Michael’s (played by Steven Weber) strange cult. Alan warns her to leave the Abbey but she and Kyle continue looking into how Soren (played by Cameron Brodeur) became infected.


Episode 3: Scion: Peter and Sarah leave the Abbey in order to collect some specimens and to find out what is living in the woods. Sister Amy (played by Alison Louder) wants them to leave for good.


Episode 4: Densho: Michael fights to keep the residents of the Abbey under his control. The team gets closer to discovering what the origin of the pathogen is.


Episode 5: Oubliette: Peter gets himself and Alan into trouble after revealing Alan’s secret. Kyle attempts to put the orchard under quarantine due to the infected hive.


Episode 6: M. Domestica: Another outbreak occurs at the Abbey. Despite the ongoing tension, the CDC team has to work together to get to the bottom of it.


Episode 7: Cross-Pollination: Things on the island get even worse. Julia Walker (played by Kyra Zagorsky) decides to travel to the Abbey after finding out about Brother Michael.


Episode 8: Vade in Pace: The U.S. Coast Guard arrives on the island. They want to take the CDC team to another island to deal with another outbreak.


Episode 9: Ectogenesis: Julia and Sergio Balleseros (played by Mark Ghanimé) arrive at the Abbey. Alan, Kyle and Commander Winger (played by Patricia Summersett) go into the woods in order to find the tree with the red sap that seems to be a cure for the pathogen.


Episode 10: Mother: Sister Amy makes a deal in order to become immortal. Now that Kyle has been infected the search for the red sap steps up even more.


Episode 11: Plan B: Julia gets ready to implant Sarah’s baby into Sister Amy. The Navy is readying to set in motion Plan B – a plan that will ensure that the pathogen and all infected with it will never get off the island.


Episode 12: The Ascendant: Kyle and Sarah try to get off the island with Sarah’s baby. Julia and Alan search for the Mother tree.


Episode 13: O Brave New World: Alan and Peter’s sibling rivalry reaches a new level. Kyle does his best to protect what he believes to be the cure to the mycosis.


Special Features: Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Preview of Chappie