Keith Richards – Crosseyed Heart

As a member of the iconic rock group the Rolling Stones and being a seventy-one-year-old Keith Richards is able to pretty much do as he pleases in regards to the music he records. It doesn’t happen often but when he releases a solo album people sit up and take notice just because of who he is. What you will find here is a man who is content just following his musical heart; his sound follows his whims. The eclectic Crosseyed Heart, Richards’ first solo outing since 1992, does not have a “sound”, rather it dabbles in a little bit of everything. Acoustic blues, roots reggae, folk, country ballad and rock and roll. Covers alongside originals. Solo singing as well as duets with the likes of Norah Jones. Now, this is not as commercial as the rock music produced with the Rolling Stones; Keith Richards solo is more along the lines of coffee in that you have to have itkeith richards crosseyed heart a couple of times before you begin to appreciate it. His voice can be described as soulful along the lines of Tom Waits or even Bob Dylan, whereas his guitar playing is as sparkling as it has ever been. Listening to a track like “Amnesia” it reminds you what a master of his instrument this man is. The man knows what he does well and proceeds to do it well. The quality here makes me yearn for the same on a future Rolling Stone album as they have been trying desperately and failing at attempting to stay young sounding or contemporary.

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