yours dreamily the arcsThis is a side project for Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. This time he partners up with Leon Michaels, who has previously played with Lana Del Rey. With his main band on a kind of hiatus or break he has plenty of time to indulge his other musical urges. If you are a fan of the Black Keys you won’t necessarily like this because though it has a similar sound it is different. With this side of his musical personality you get a kind of psychedelic funk and R&B kind of mélange. You can hear where classic rock is meeting something more modern. Loads of hazy fun. Definitely a chill out album. With tracks like “Outta My Mind” and “The Arc” being more up tempo and providing a nice change of pace. While each of the fourteen songs has a flavour of its own they all mesh into one complete thought. Auerbach certainly proves himself once again to be a great musician who has plenty of music within himself that he wants to get out. He is one creative human being.