the sheepdogs future nostalgiaCanadian rockers The Sheepdogs have churned out a collection of songs that is their strongest so far. This is because they are finally living up to the potential that they have previously shown only in spurts. They are a unique sounding rock band that stands out from the commercial masses. They are firing on all pistons here combining a strong sound, lyrics that will stick with you and plenty of upper scale musicianship. They have that jam band feel in which all members are having a grand old time playing together. I even really appreciated the less polished sound compared to their last Patrick Carney produced album, Learn & Burn. Your ears will be loving what they are hearing. From front to back of the album. The songs all have a sound that will make you feel some nostalgia for old school rock while at the same time being completely fresh sounding. A nice mixture of mid-tempo songs with total rockers. Will appeal to both sides – chill and energetic – of most fans music listening personas. The best moment (if I have to pick one) is the medley of three tracks – “Where I Can Roam”, “The Bridge City Turnaround” and “Plastic Man”.