Tomorrowland – Blu-ray/DVD Combo Edition

tomorrowlandThis is one of those films that you feel had plenty of potential – potential to entertain and educate at the same time – and ends up leaving you feeling a little underwhelmed. It is a shame because you have the charismatic George Clooney and the Disney machine behind this film. Director Brad Bird (Ratatouille, The Iron Giant) has taken a film that should be filled with wonder, adventure and lessons to be learned and washed it all over making it dull at times. While watching on several occasions my attention wandered to be honest.


Not everything about Tomorrow land was poorly executed or dull; there were some nice moments. The way the film looks is great. Gives you the sensation of really being in another time and planet. Maybe all the possibilities with the way a film like this could look ended up distracting the director.  He seems to have spent more time worrying about that than the story he was trying to tell. It starts off strong directing you on the right path towards a good story and getting itself off the ground well. Then during the middle part is where dullness sets in.  Over the last third storyline threads are tied together nicely, but in all honesty it is too little too late. For the finale there is some depth to the story and nice messages conveyed.


Casey’s (played by Britt Robertson) life is about to change forever. She is a teenager who is curious about everything to do with space and that curiousity has caused her to get in trouble. After spending some time in jail only to get bailed out by her furious father (played by Tim McGraw), Casey comes into the possession of a mysterious badge that seems to transport her to an entirely different world every time she touches it.


The badge makes her come in contact with the grumpy recluse Frank (played by George Clooney). Begrudgingly he divulges stuff about this place in time and space that he calls Tomorrowland. Circumstances lead to the two having to travel together there on a dangerous mission that could change everything about the world and definitely about themselves.


Special Features:

Remembering the Future: A Personal Journey Through Tomorrowland with Brad Bird (1080i, 7:09): A Brad Bird talk that covers the film’s parallels with current reality and the real Disney amusement park area. It ends with a look at the cast and crew’s witnessing of history.

Casting Tomorrowland (1080p, 7:27): This piece takes a look at the process of casting the film’s major players, the characters they portray, and the qualities the main cast brought to the movie.

A Great Big Beautiful Scoring Session (1080p, 6:03): A glimpse inside the recording process with Composer Michael Giacchino, who also shares some memories and enjoys some time with one of his heroes, Composer Richard Sherman.

The World of Tomorrow Science Hour – Hosted By Futurologist David Nix (1080p, 5:08): Outtakes from a 1965 educational program developed for Disneyland’s Tomorrowland attraction.

Animated Short: The Origins of Plus Ultra (1080p, 3:26): From the disc: “The origin and purpose of this short film, which appears to date from the early sixties, is unknown. It explains the history of an organization called “Plus Ultra,” and its narration suggests that it was created in conjunction with a ‘World’s Fair’ from that period.” The piece shares some obvious similarities with the Tomorrowland film. An option is included to play this short ahead of the movie.

Brad Bird Production Diaries (1080i): A two-part feature that includes The First Day (1:47) and NASA (2:46). In them, Bird guides viewers through the sets of, in the first, the 1964 World’s Fair and, in the second, at Cape Canaveral.

Blast From the Past Commercial (1080p, 0:41): A fantasy ad for a store featured in the film.

Deleted Scenes with Filmmaker Introductions (1080p): Joking on the Eiffel Tower (2:21), Young Casey vs. The Volcano (2:44), Doomsday Living Room (3:38), As Originally Written Casey the Downer (7:27), What Happened to Tomorrowland? (2:58), and What is Tomorrowland? (4:17).

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