We are coming up on Halloween and the season of frights and fears, so it seems appropriate to do a Top 10 list that deals with danger. In this case we will explore the ten most dangerous animals on the planet. Some are obvious and are feared by human by the millions while others fly beneath the fear radar. Here are the top 10 in no particular order:

1) Mosquitos: I have started off the list with a head scratcher. This tiny insect deserves its spot on this list. Not only are they annoying due to the itchiness that results from their bites but they are deadly as well. You might be surprised to learn that they are responsible for more deaths in humans than any other creature on this planet. Each year around one million humans are killed around the world due to mosquitos spreading malaria.
top 10 most dangerous animals22) Snakes: A bite from the wrong type of snake can result in death in just minutes. Some snake’s venom is that deadly. Other’s like the deadly boa constrictor wraps themselves around their prey and squeezes them to death. In Africa the Black Mamba is known for being particularly venomous. Dangerous as they are big and fast. The African Rock Snake has been known to take down animals as big as lions.

3) Hippopotamus: On land this large animal is more deadly than lions or crocodiles. Their tusks can measure longer than one foot. At up to four tons these guys, which are the third biggest land animals, can have super bad tempers. Despite its size it can run at speeds of up to 20mph. Not an animal you want to risk getting close to.

4) Tigers: These big cats are powerhouses and are one of the few animals that see humans as prey. Much bigger than lions they can take down a large water buffalo on their own whereas lions need to do this in a pack. Making them even more dangerous is the fact that they run almost as fun as cheetahs. Tigers have been responsible for 3,000 human deaths in a two year span. Bengal tigers are responsible for 40-100 deaths per year.

5) Elephants: Just their huge size alone makes them a force to be reckoned with. They can be unpredictable and can stomp you to a pulp or rip you apart in seconds. The good thing is that they are not mean animals rather they are only dangerous when they are provoked.

6) Spiders: Several different types of spiders have bites that can kill. Plus many humans are very afraid of spiders – maybe it is the eight legs and the fact that they can shoot a web out of their behinds. The Black Widow and Tarantulas are especially feared.

top 10 most dangerous animals7) Komodo Dragons: With over one thousand varieties of deadly bacteria in their mouths, one bite from these guys can mean curtains. This plus the fact that they have really sharp teeth and a strong neck which allows them to clamp onto their victims and swing them around.

8) Bears: Grizzlies are big enemies of humans especially here in North America. They will tear and maul humans they get a hold of. Mobile for their large size they can move quickly and even climb trees.

9) Sharks: They are deadly, but thankfully they don’t attack humans all too often. When they do with their many pointy teach and powerful jaws they are killing machines. Ever since (and probably before) the movie Jaws came out Great Whites have been feared.

10) Lions: Human vs. lion is a sure win for the lion. Not called king of the jungle for nothing. They are strong and agile plus show smarts in the fact that they plan their attacks. Responsible for roughly 70 human deaths per year.