All six seasons of this award-winning television series based on a short story by Elmore Leonard were electrifying and engrossing. Surprisingly so. Who would have thought that watching a bunch of Southern rednecks would be so entertaining in a dramatic way? The crime series did the expected sex and violence parts well plus involve the requisite bank robberies, shootouts, drug deals and kidnappings, but there was almost a poetic rhythm to the dialogue throughout. Though they often behaved like dumbasses they certainly did not talk like them or at least Boyd Crowder (played by Walton Groggins) didn’t.

justified the complete seasonCrowder and U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) go head to head and brain to brain throughout the series. This is not your typical good versus bad crime series in that there are plenty of greys throughout. No one is truly good or bad. All fall somewhere in the middle and that is why you cheer for both sides. In the middle is where the woman Ava Crowder (played by Joelle Carter) resides playing both sides off each other.

Special Features:
Season One:

Audio Commentary: Executive Producer Graham Yost, Actor Nick Searcy, Elmore Leonard Researcher Gregg Sutter, and Director Michael Dinner discuss the premiere episode “Fire in the Hole.”
Audio Commentary: Executive Producer Graham Yost and Writer Ben Cavell host a commentary for “Blowback.”
Audio Commentary: The episode “Hatless” is granted an audio commentary track by Writer Dave Andron and Actors Tim Olyphant and Natalie Zea.
What Would Elmore Do? (1080p, 18:48): Cast and crew reflect on the influence of Elmore Leonard’s work on the show while also speaking on the series’s development as it evolved from the pilot. The author himself chimes in once or twice to share his thoughts on the series, too. The piece is built almost entirely from footage from the show and interview clips.
The Story of Justified (1080p, 4:52): Elmore Leonard and cast and crew discuss the origins of the show as it’s based on Leonard’s “Fire in the Hole” while also briefly looking at what real U.S. Marshalls do.
“Justified:” Meet the Characters (1080p, 4:52): Viewers are introduced to Raylan Givens, Art Mullen, Winona Hawkins, Ava Crowder, Tim Gutterson, and Rachel Brooks.
Audio Commentary: Executive Producer Graham Yost and Writer/Producer Fred Golan speak on the season finale, “Bulletville.”
Shooting for Kentucky (1080p, 16:07): A fascinating look at the show’s Kentucky setting; shooting the pilot around Pittsburgh, PA; and filming subsequent episodes in California. This piece also examines the show’s costume design and casting.
Meet the Marshalls (1080p, 12:46): Retired Deputy Chief Marshall Charlie Almanza answers questions pertaining to the accuracy of how Marshalls are depicted in Justified.
Music Video (1080p, 4:14): “Long Hard Times to Come” by Gangstagrass featuring T.O.N.E.-z.
Season Two: A Look Ahead (1080p, 1:49).

Season Two:
Deleted Scenes (480p): “The Moonshine War:” We Need to Talk to Him and Raylan and Dickie’s History; “The Life Inside:” The Proposition; “For Blood or Money:” Just Trying to Clip You; “Blaze of Glory:” Boyd’s Side of the Story; “Brother’s Keeper:” It’s a Whoop Dee Doo; “Debts and Accounts:” Helen’s Advice; “Bloody Harlan:” Keep This Car Between the Ditches.
On the Set of Justified (1080p, 19:03, Disc One): Production Designer Dave Blass offers viewers a fascinating tour of the sets and shooting locations seen throughout the season.
Clans, Feuds & Apple Pie (1080p, 24:26, Disc Two): A solid piece that examines the show’s unique and relatable villains, built through clips from the show and cast and crew interviews that cover the casting, story lines, themes, character construction, and plot arcs that run through the season.
Outtakes (480p, 2:32, Disc Three).
Talking Shop: Roundtable Discussion (1080p, 24:05, Disc Three): Producers Michael Dinner, Elmore Leonard, Graham Yost, and Fred Golan speak on the show’s past, present, and future.

Season Three:
Audio Commentaries: “The Gunfighter” with Executive Producer Graham Yost, Actors Timothy Olyphant and Jere Burns, and Writer Fred Golan; “Cut Ties” with Writer Ben Cavell and Actor Nick Searcy; “Harlan Roulette” with Writer Dave Andron and Director Jon Avnet; and “Thick as Mud” with Writers Jon Worley and Ben Cavell and Actors Damon Herriman and Joelle Carter.
Deleted Scene (HD): Catch (1:09) for the episode “Cut Ties”.
Crossing the Line: Making Season 3 (HD, 18:37): Cast and crew discuss transitioning from the powerful second season, creating a new antagonist, Neal McDonough’s performance, the season’s darker tone, developing the Limehouse character, Ava’s arc, Raylan’s journey throughout the season, and cast and crew insight into honing the series.
Audio Commentaries: “When the Guns Come Out” with Producers Dave Andron and Don Kurt and “Loose Ends” with Actress Joelle Carter and Writers Ingrid Escajeda and Benjamin Cavell.
Deleted Scenes (HD): Game of Pool (3:35) for the episode “The Man Behind the Curtain” and Go Back in There (1:02) for the episode “Loose Ends”.
Ellstin’s Joint: Noble’s Holler Set Tour (HD, 12:51): Production Designer Dave Blass shows off one of the season’s most interesting sets.
Audio Commentaries: “Guy Walks Into a Bar” with Writers Dave Andron and VJ Boyd; “Coalition” with Writer Taylor Elmore, Editor Bill Johnson, and Actor Jere Burns; and “Slaughterhouse” with Executive Producer Graham Yost, Actors Mykelti Williamson and Jere Burns, and Producer Fred Golan.
Outtakes (HD, 3:18): A short gag reel.
Anatomy of a Stunt (HD, 9:23): Stunt Coordinator Ben Scott, Special Effects Supervisor Ryan Senecal, Stunt Double Andy Dylan, Director Bill Johnson, Stunt Double Brad Bovee, Stunt Double Ted Barba, Actor David Meunier, Actor Walter Goggins, and VFX Supervisor David Fogg walk viewers through the process of making one of the more explosive scenes from season three.
In Conversation with Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins (HD, 26:28): The actors who play Raylan and Boyd sit down to dig through their experiences in Justified.

Season Four:
Audio Commentaries: Director Michael Diner and Writers Graham Yost and Fred Golan for “Hole in the Wall;” Actor Nick Searcy, Writer/Co-Exuctive Producer Dave Andron, and Director Bill Jonson for “Where’s Waldo?;” Actress Abby Miller, Writer Taylor Elmore, and Director Bill Johnson for “This Bird Has Flown;” and Co-Writers Fred Golan and VJ Boyd for “Kin.”
Deleted Scenes (HD): International Jewel Thief (2:41) for “Truth and Consequences.”
Becoming Boyd (HD, 9:41): Actor Walton Goggins looks back at his character’s story, working with his co-stars, the character’s relationship with Ava, love in life and the show, portraying a character dissimilar from himself, and striving for excellence. Later in the piece cast and crew discuss the character, Goggins’ contributions on set, and more.
Deadly Serious: Constable Bob (HD, 7:03): Cast and crew, including Patton Oswalt, analyze the Constable Bob character, his origins, working with the show’s top-notch dialogue, shooting some of the season’s most important scenes, the character’s fate on the show, and more.
Audio Commentaries: Co-Writer/Co-Executive Producer Dave Andron, Director Peter Werner, and Co-Writer Ingrid Escajeda (who is absent for the first 13 minutes of the commentary) for “Foot Chase;” Actor Timothy Olyphant, Director Don Kurt, and Writer Chris Provenzano for “Money Trap;” Actor Water Goggins and Writers Ben Cavell and Keith Schreier for “Outlaw;” and Actor Patton Oswalt and Writers Taylor Elmore and Leonard Chang for “The Hatchet Tour”
Deleted Scenes (HD): It’s All Part of the Job (2:29) for “Outlaw.”
The Veterans’ Experience (HD, 7:08): A look at the season’s portrayal of military veterans.
Outtakes (HD, 2:54).
Audio Commentaries: Writers Graham Yost and Chris Provenzano and Actors Timothy Olyphan and Patton Oswalt for “Decoy” and Actor Walton Goggins and Writers Fred Golan and Ben Cavell for “Ghosts.”
Deleted Scenes (HD): Restless (0:57), Limehouse Makes an Offer (1:16), and Gutterson recognizes a Car (0:23) for “Get Drew.”
Anatomy of an Episode (HD, 40:49): A detailed look behind episode twelve, “Peace of Mind.” This supplement follows the process of scripting the episode to tie up loose ends and set the stage for the finale. It examines plot specifics to the episode and the greater show. It looks at character dynamics, performances, technical details of the shoot, and plenty more. The episode plays either full-screen with a supplementary screen along a corner, or the feature playing full screen and the episode playing in a complimentary box. Occasionally, the episode plays with commentary overlay. This is an excellent presentation that fans of the show will love.
Script to Screen: The Finale (HD, 14:23): A look at crafting the season’s final episode and how it differs from the traditional season finale. It follows the basic plot, shooting specific scenes, and more. It’s more or less a compact version of the Anatomy of an Episode supplement covered above.

Season Five:
The Big House: Prison Set Tour (1080p, 8:52): Production Designer Dave Blass guides viewers through a closed California prison that serves as one of the main set pieces in the season.
The Onion Eulogizes Elmore Leonard (1080p, 2:59): Patton Oswalt reads The Onion’s eulogy.
Getting the Shot (1080p, 7:00): In praise of Francis Kenny’s cinematography with a good bit of technical detail included.
Audio Commentaries: “A Murder of Crowes” with Actor Damon Herriman, Creator Graham Yost, Writer Fred Golan, and Director Michael Dinner.
Deleted Scenes (1080p): Art Makes an Inquiry (1:07) for “Good Intentions,” Dewey Breaks Down (2:02) for “Over the Mountain,” and Raylan Transports Kendal (2:05), Not Going to Miami (1:30), and We’re Going to Tell You A Few Things (2:19) for “Shot All to Hell.”
The Coolest Guy in the Room (1080i, 36:12): A piece that looks back on the life and career of late Author Elmore Leonard, whose work inspired Justified. Show cast and crew also sing his praises and read selections of his work.
Season of the Crowe: Making Season Five (1080p, 21:42): A look at the greater role for Dewey Crowe in the season and Damon Herriman’s performance, new cast and characters, recurring character evolutions and dynamics, the season’s violence and character deaths, and the set-up for the coming final season six.
King Lear (1080p, 4:11): Shooting a crowded and critical nine-man sequence.
Deleted Scenes (1080p): What About Raylan? (1:59), Nutriloaf (2:06), and You Could Have Trusted Us (0:47) for “Kill the Messenger” and Expendable (0:33) for “Whistle Past the Graveyard”

Raylan Givens: Two Roads Diverge (1080p, 3:14): A look at how David Koechner’s and Eric Roberts’ characters reflect Raylan’s possible life paths.
Writer’s Diary: A Week of Starvation (1080p, 22:06): Writer Chris Provenzano guides viewers through the making of the fifth season’s twelfth episode. The piece contains a fascinating collection of raw on-set footage.
The Wall of Death: Season Five Body Count (1080p, 2:42): A short look at the season’s large death toll and how it’s sorted out in the production offices.
Audio Commentary: Actresses Joelle Carter and Alicia Witt and Co-Writers/Executive Producers Fred Golan and Dave Andron for “Restitution.”
Deleted Scenes: I’ll Call You (1:38) and Turning Around (0:28). for “Restitution.”

Season Six:
Directing the Show: Adam Arkin (1080p, 10:55): A look at Arkin’s style, his work with actors, his history with the program, the detailed work he puts into each shot, his humor, and more. The piece also features a good bit of fascinating raw on-set footage.
Hollywood to Harlan (1080p, 5:38): A look at the crew’s annual pilgrimage to the real Harlan and the benefits thereof. Also included is a look at the local mining scene and working that angle into the season.
Dutch Speaks (1080p, 11:40): Elmore Leonard discusses his writing process, his approval of Justified’s pilot episode, the show’s writing team, the origins of Raylan Givens’ name, Olyphant’s performance, Givens character details, and more. From June 2010.
Deleted Scenes (1080p): “Fate’s Right Hand:” Dewey’s Release (0:28). “Trash and the Snake:” The Federals (1:27), Where’s Wiz? (1:35), and Art and Rachel (3:20). “Sounding:” Ava’s Being Ava (1:01). “Burned:” Art and Raylan (1:03) and Let it Burn (1:15). “Fugitive Number One:” Brief and to the Point (0:54) and We Made It! (2:01).

That’s a Wrap Gag Reel (NEW)
Three All-New Featurettes (NEW)
Writers’ Room Tour with Graham Yost (NEW)
Leaving Harlan Alive: Making the Final Season (NEW)
Harlan Revisited: Favorite Moments (NEW)
In Elmore’s Words – featuring actors, who worked with Elmore Leonard, reading select passages from some of his most well-known pieces of work (NEW)


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