Mac Miller – Go:od AM

mac miller good amMalcolm McCormick is Mac Miller. The twenty-three-year-old is one of the brightest lights in today’s hip hop world. He certainly is a hard worker in that over a short period he has released tons of music – eleven mixtapes, one live CD, three EPs and tons of work with other artists. No moss is growing under this guy’s feet. He is all over the place on Go:od AM but in a good way. Not just with the sound of the songs either. The lyrics can on one see him being brash like your typical rapper with the next seeing him being introspective and heartfelt. We must remember that despite all the stuff he has done he is still a young man and trying to find himself in the world. As far as the lyrics go they are still the strong point of his music and now there is some added maturity to be found. What does stand out in comparison to his earlier work is the production values which have improved tenfold. Check out songs like “Jump” and “The Festival” to see prime examples of this.

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