the zombies still got that hungerDuring the Sixties these guys were a psychedelic rock act. Now over fifty years later they are back with an album that is filled with emotion and joy. The joy of still be able to play music and it comes through in the songs on Still Got That Hunger. This far into their career it is amazing to think that with this release they are still gaining new fans. It is their first album in four years and they have morphed into a more straightforward rock sound tinged with a little blues. Though there are a few moments for fans of theirs since the Sixties especially in the song “Chasing the Past”. A slower song filled with the psychedelic sound that decade was known for. There is very little looking towards the past though as they are certainly facing forward musically. Even though some of the songs are older like “Moving Out”, which they began over four decades ago after the death of Elvis Presley, and the fifty year old song “I Want You Back Again” they have a modern sound to them. The five men in the group gives the listener a steady diet of unexpected chord changes, harmonies, strong vocals along with musicianship and heart and soul.