toby keith 30 mph townThere is no mystery when it comes to a Toby Keith album. Throughout his long career you know what you are going to get from this Country music artist. Plenty of songs about drinking, small town ideology and precious little patience with Liberals. Never been a guy who is shy about telling you what he thinks in his songs. With that big voice of his the message gets through loud and clear. He falls into the category of a traditional Country artist. The guy is rather old school though at times he can still surprise you. A bit of a switch was the amount of heartstring pullers there was on 35 MPH Town. Songs that are to be slow-danced to like “What She Left Behind” and “Haggard, Hank & Her” are not usually his forte and yet he does well on them. Though this is a decent album it truly is meant to function as such as there really are no songs that scream out “play me on the radio”. The most obvious is the first single and title track to the album, “35 MPH Town”. The ten songs on the album are not his best work but that being said fans will like it.