St. Germain – St. Germain

st germain st germainOf all the artists working today St. Germain has managed to remain edgy and technologically advanced while making music that does have that human element – soul – in it. Everything here is completely fresh and new. Plenty of looping and other digital elements and yet it still sounds authentic. Despite the fact that Paris based Ludovic Navarre is not using traditional instruments (rather keyboards, computers, etc.) this self-titled album in comparison to his last album, the multi-platinum Tourist, is different. Whereas Tourist, which sold over three million copies worldwide, was a fusion of house and jazz, the house has for the large part been dropped and jazz is more the focus. In a growth quest, a rather interesting fusion with new technology and world beat music or more specifically music from Mali. Exploring new horizons. His jazz sensibilities are mixed with the kora playing of Mamadou Cherif Soumano and guitarist Guimba Kouyate, both from Mali, and on the tracks “Voila” and “Family Tree”. A calming and almost hypnotic sound is the result. It has been over a decade (fifteen years) since we gotten new music from Navarre and obviously the musical landscape has changed greatly over that span of time, so it is natural that the St. Germain sound has also evolved into something different. To remain relevant musicians cannot stand still. The new direction appeals to your ears while at the same time attaches to the soul.

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