Blue Rodeo – Live at Massey Hall

blue rodeo live at massey hallBlue Rodeo releasing a Live at Massey Hall album seems to have become a Canadian tradition. They last did it in 2008 and I guess they had so much fun doing it that they have done it again. Flash forward seven years and one of Canada’s most beloved bands gives their fans the opportunity to enjoy a Blue Rodeo live gig whenever they want. Live is how this band forged its reputation and it is where they are at their best. The fourteen track live album was recorded at their Toronto show during the two sold out shows at the iconic venue as part of the In Our Nature tour. Loads of the songs they have in their catalogue are great on record but sublime live. “Diamond Mine”, “Lost Together” and “Bad Timing” are perfect examples of that. The energy and vibe produced are amazing. Their roots rock sound really lends to live performances and the expanded seven-member line-up really adds layers to the sound. Despite the fact that they have been together for a dog’s age the band still sounds passionate and dynamic. The improv they are able to produce at any given moment also makes things a thrill a minute; these guys bring out the best in each other and the songs. Some might be disappointed that classic songs like “Try” and “Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” are not included, but with such a large catalogue there was always going to be some disappointments.

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