Rod Stewart – Another Country

rod stewart another countrySeventy-year-old Rod Stewart has been at it for a bloody long time. Decade after decade he has found a way to stay relevant. Whether it be putting out rock music, pop or, as he has for the last decade, dipping into the Great American Songbook. This has enabled him to move albums and tour pretty consistently for near four decades. Now he has turned back towards writing his own songs and recording original music. While his voice remains as raspy and distinctive as ever it seems like his touch on what music fans will appreciate has waned a little. Another Country is his latest and 29th (!) album and is a mix of up tempo songs and ballads. He wavers between folk rock (“We Can Win”), pop (“Walking in Sunshine”), melancholic heart string tuggers (“Batman Superman Spiderman”) and even delves into reggae (“Love and Be Loved”). There is a sense of him playing it too safe this far into his career. On the plus side there is the fact that this Scot seems like he will never age and sounds quite young still. Young enough that you still believe that he has a hit album still in him. Remain hopeful! Because he has been at it so long there is a sense of security and the ability to be vulnerable is there. Every song on the album is rather intimate and personal with plenty of heartwarming moments to be found.

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