5 seconds of summerThis may come as a surprise but as far as boy bands go One Direction is not ruling the roost. Aussie quartet 5 Seconds of Summer are no lightweights in regards to producing shrieking teenage girls everywhere they appear. They are a pop rock band that burst onto scene last year with the huge hit “She Looks So Perfect”. It was an incredibly catchy song that announced their intention on the music charts and radio play. Young girls had another group of guys to fawn over. 5 Seconds of Summer are a little different in that they play their own instruments, write most of their own songs and do no indulge any choreography other than typical rock star poses with their guitars. Sounds Good Feels Good is their sophomore album and on it they try to hit all marks or music tastes. Power ballads, pop punk anthems and even some interesting prog rock/pop fusions are sprinkled throughout. What has not changed from their debut outing is their preoccupation or catering to their female audience. Lyrics often have to do with hot girlfriends or hookups that might be real love. Nothing really too complex, but it need not be as it is catchy as hell. The highlight of the album is the track “Outer Space/Carry On”, a crutch they can rely on to get the crowd moving at every show they do.