carrie underwood storytellerCarrie Underwood was a winner of the reality show American Idol. She is also one of the few (her and Kelly Clarkson) that have managed to make a mark on the music charts after coming off the show. That is because of two things: her voice and ability to give the people the music they want. Carrie Underwood has skirted between the folk-country-pop music to draw fans in by the millions. Her fifth album stays the path and allows her voice and likeability to be the centre pieces. It sounds most like her mega-platinum beginning with a little more emphasis on a rock or roots sound. Underwood is a good girl with a rather large rough side. She has always gone after the bad guys (abusers, cheaters, etc.) or shown off her toughness in her songs and that does not stop here. Just so you don’t think she has fallen into a rut the song “Smoke Break”, an ode to cannabis. “Church Bells” is another stance against domestic abuse. “Mexico” is about being on the lam. She really forces the fact that despite the girl next door looks and that she recently became a mother she is not to be taken lightly. So much at times that it feels a little forced. Rocking tunes alongside R&B flavoured ballads that could just as easily be found on a Beyoncé album. Just so she is not seen as too harsh there are also some demonstrations of her softer side are offered up. The song “The Girl You Think I Am” is an intimate discussion with her father. Some may say it is cheesy, but it works. Her voice on “Relapse” is awesome and really will guarantee that despite some forced choices Carrie Underwood will remain at the top of the music pile as long as she wants.