ronaldoSoccer is the most popular game in the world and the best players get to be idols worshipped around the world.  Cristiano Ronaldo is recognized as one of the best players of his generation.  Pretty much he and Messi are considered the crème de la crème of soccer players.  People are curious about their lives on an off the pitch just like they would be of rock stars or Hollywood actors.  To satisfy that curiousity docupics like this one are made.


Director Anthony Wonke (Crack House USA, Fire in the Night), a BAFTA award-winner and Emmy nominated director/producer was given unprecedented access to Ronaldo over a fourteen month period.  The result is the first authorized documentary about the Portuguese soccer mega star.


Right from the beginning you notice that this guy has no ego problems.  Part of the reason he is successful is that he has been blessed with talent and works hard, but a big part of his success on the soccer pitch is due to his confidence.  He truly believes himself to be one of the best soccer players to ever play the sport and wants to be remembered this way.


Ronaldo was signed as a teenage to his first professional contract with Sporting Lisbon.  After the soccer world realized how talented he was all the big clubs wanted him.  Guided by his manager, Jorge Mendes, he chose to sign with Manchester United as an 18-year-old for a record amount.  After he won everything he could with Manchester United Ronaldo decided he wanted a new challenge and to play a different kind of soccer.  He then signed with Spanish club, Real Madrid.  Immediately there was big pressure on him from the very beginning to bring the team to victory in the Champions League, which Real Madrid had not won since 2002.  He responded well to the pressure scoring plenty and leading the team to a Champions League title over Atletico Madrid 4-1.


We also get a small glimpse at the personal side of the man.  He was born in Quinto Falcao, Madeira.  His father, who was an alcoholic, worked as equipment manager for a team in Portugal.  Ronaldo and his father were not that close because of the drinking.  In July 2014, just after Portugal crashed out of the group stage of the World Cup, his father died.  He is close with his mother, Dolores Alveiro.  She takes care of his son when he is away.  Dolores is very proud of her son and takes it hard when his teams lose.  Ronaldo is one of four children and was unplanned.  Dolores, when she found out she was pregnant, wanted to abort, but finally decided against it.  They joke now that an unwanted child has brought so much ($) to the family.  In 2010 Ronaldo became a father and he has sole custody of his son, Cristiano.  He has never revealed the identity of the mother.


Outside of his family there are not many people he trusts.  He feels like people are always waiting for him to make a mistake then criticize him.  Comes home and disconnects with the rest of the world.  His manager is who he is closest with.  He pushes Ronaldo to prove he is the best that ever played.  Jorge Mendes has become like a father to the soccer player.


Much of how successful he feels is obviously based on the number of high priced cars he has (shows them off to his son with obvious pride) or how big his muscles are (shows his son his biceps several times).  Possessions and how much money he makes are important to Cristiano Ronaldo.  He wants more of everything.  More money. More titles.  More goals.  More Ballon D’Ors (best soccer player in the world).


On the other hand, despite his ego, Ronaldo is a rather soft spoken man who is very giving to his fans.  Plus when he is finished games and training he prefers to spend his time alone relaxing or with his young son not out partying or the like.


Ronaldo does realize that he is a player that people will either love or hate.  That is usually the case when you are as big a star as he is.  He works hard at soccer so he can live like a king.  Never in the 102 minutes of the docupic does he every talk about soccer as a passion.  It seems like it is a “job” for him rather than something he loves doing.

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