Trey Anastasio – Paper Wheels

Trey anastasio paper wheelsPhish is one of the most beloved touring outfits in the United States since the Grateful Dead. They attract huge crowds and have amassed diehard fans. As such frontman Trey Anastasio is a well-known entity. He spent a weekend this summer taking the place of Gerry Garcia during reunion shows the Dead held in Chicago. Obviously this summer fantasy (because what guitarist of a certain age has not wanted to play a show with the Grateful Dead?) camp rubbed off on him. The tracks on Paper Wheels range from ones with chill vibes to groove heavy tunes finally to all out jam sessions. A variety of styles that compliments the strong musical arrangements and songwriting that is fund throughout the entire album. I especially like the horns that appear on a couple of songs as they give loads of energy at each appearance. A ton of great tracks like “Paper Wheels”, “Sometime After Sunset”, “Bounce”, “Liquid Time”, “Speak To Me”, and “Lever Boy”. Though much of this will be familiar to fans of Phish there is enough of a difference that it shows that Trey Anastasio has plenty offer outside his fulltime gig.

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