Tim McGraw – Damn Country Music

tim mcgraw damn country musicOne of the more reliable country music acts over the last couple of decades has been Tim McGraw. Over the first part of his career you could always count on solid, middle of the road type country music. Now he has attempted to spread his musical wings a little with some mixing in of other styles of music into his country foundation. Damn Country Music, his fourteenth, is an album with a great title and just average music. This one starts off with a lovely song called “Here Tonight” which has tinges of Celtic sounding music and his daughter Gracie helping him out on vocals. McGraw tries to please everyone with this one with his mixing in some modern rock, a U2 of the eighties sounding anthem, power ballads with contemporary country. What does not waver throughout the album (or his career, for that matter) is his ability to convey the emotion involved in the songs he sings. He is not just singing but performing the music. His twangy baritone continues to serve him and the songs well.

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