grimes art angelsHer debut album Visions came out in 2012 and youngster Grimes became a beloved member of the indie music scene. She was just cooler than your average pop star while hinting at the fact that she could be one if she so desired. Now she is back with Art Angel after signing with Jay Z’s label Roc Nation and moving her base from Montreal to Los Angeles. The three years between albums have been good for Grimes and she demonstrates her maturity and how she has honed her songwriting skills. Also the fact that she has a bigger machine behind her explains why the songs on this her fourth album sound slicker and benefiting from better production. Amazingly Grimes retains that indie sensibility in that she does almost everything (writing, singing, producing) on the album herself. Grimes’ forte is her ethereal voice. It is such a unique wonder that seems to bond itself to whatever song being sung. It is not a strong voice per se, rather it has plenty of little tones to it. Whether she is asking it to bring forth a pop ditty like the lead single off the album, “Flesh Without Blood” or a pop punk thrasher, “Kill V. Maim” or a bluesy/beatboxing track like “California”. Despite all the variance in style and genres on the album you don’t get a helter skelter feeling. It is more like she is able to adapt to whatever style the song she has written calls for. A rare skill amongst young musicians. She is able to switch it up on a dime and make it work.