one direction amHold back the sobs now ladies as Made in the A.M. is going to be the last new stuff you get from this group for a while as they have announced they are going on a hiatus. Which started off as a one year going their own ways then recently has been extended to a two year break. Pretty worrisome as they haven’t even begun said hiatus yet and have already made it longer. Getting back to the matter at hand…Made in the A.M. is the band’s (now a foursome with the departure of Zayn Malik) fifth album.  Amazing production for a band that has only been together since 2010. Though they have one foot out the door they haven’t forgot who makes up their target audience. The entire album is aimed directly at teenage girls. That despite the fact that this is not your typical boy band stuff. It is more mature and musically ambitious than that tripe but still caters to young women. Filled with sensitive lyrics and songs about being heartbroken. I can hear the screams now. The maturity and musicality does shine through in songs on the album that take pages from groups like The Verve, Fleetwood Mac and even Harry Nilsson. Guitar licks and hooks aplenty. They do pay ode to the tradition they sprung out of with the song “Walking in the Wind”. It is exactly the type of ballad that we’ve heard from Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block. If this is the end of 1D then they are going out on top of the charts and the game.