Demi Lovato – Confident

demi lovato confidentThis album is Demi Lovato’s announcement that she is a diva and makes no apologies for wanting to be seen as one. It is all powerful voice, slick production, emotion laden songs and filled with the right amount of sassy attitude. All the ingredients are there and notice has been served. This former Disney star is all woman now and with the pipes to match her ambition. The voice is really what a Demi Lovato song is all about. No matter the style or genre of music she decides to take on her voice is strong and malleable enough to be more than up to the task. “Cool for the Summer” is a sunny pop ditty, trap pop rears its head on “Kingdom Come” and gospel and power ballad cover more of the target areas with “Father” and “Stone Cold” respectively. The emotion she attains in the song “Father” about her recently deceased and abusive father has some wow moments. There is not holding back on how she feels about the man in the lyrics. Maturity and growth aplenty.

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