toy storyAs the first of its kind, Toy Story set a high standard for animated feature films, and it is re-packaged here for its 10th anniversary. The lineup of voiceovers includes Tim Allen as Buzz Lightyear, Tom Hanks as Woody, and also features Don Rickles, Jim Varney, and John Ratzenberger. Having not seen Toy Story since checking it out as a minor in the theatres in 1995, I was impressed, again.

As the most popular toy in Andy’s toy box, Woody (Hanks) becomes clearly jealous when the dazzling and impressive new toy Buzz Lightyear (Allen) becomes Andy’s new favourite sidekick after receiving him as a surprise birthday present. Woody becomes uncharacteristically bitter towards the most pimpin’ Buzz, and he gradually falls out of favour with Mr. Potatohead, R/C, and the rest of Andy’s toy crew. Through some tom foolery by an open window, Buzz and Woody end up outside in the real world, and they are forced to deal with life outside the box for the first time.

Spaced out over 2 extras laden DVDs, Toy Story 10th Anniversary includes improved Dolby sound, audio commentaries, a sneak-peek at the new Pixar film “Cars”, many interviews, making-of features, and many more absolutely thrilling sound bites. But all this takes a backseat to the movie, which is so full and detailed, that it is hard not to suspend disbelief. Tim Allen is at his best here, really putting amazing personality behind spaceman Buzz, who is a severely disillusioned toy. With all the advancement in animation, it is still the story and brilliant ideas that keep the movie together. Clever doesn’t even come close to describing it.

Whether you are in it for the mounds of extras, or just for the top notch flick, this DVD improves upon the original, with its superior digital image and sound quality for home theatre junkies. If you missed out on this genre leader when it was out in 1995, now’s a good chance to see the bench setter that made other classics such as “Monsters Inc.” and “The Incredibles” possible.

Special Features:

-Digital Copy

• “Legacy of Toy Story” featurette
• Filmmaker audio commentary

• Filmmakers reflect
• Game – The Claw
• “Making of Toy Story” featurette
• Deleted scenes
• Early Animation Tests
• Design highlight featurettes
• Story highlight featurettes
• Production materials
• Publicity materials
• Music and sound