the x files season 3 blu rayA cult favourite had now announced its arrival as a cultural phenomenon. By season three The X-Files was now a success in every respect. Millions of fans would hold their breath waiting for the next chapter in the quest for the truth of Agent Fox Mulder (played by David Duchovny) and his trusty sidekick Agent Dana Scully (played by Gillian Anderson). The mythology throws a wider net in this season as the show’s creator Chris Carter feels the freedom of success. As a result many fans of the series name this as its strongest front to back season. Watch the 24 episodes and you can be the judge.

Episode 1: The Blessing Way: Mulder’s life hangs in the balance as a Native American mystic tries to heal him. Scully keeps on the investigation and her life is in danger as a result.

Episode 2: Paper Clip: Mulder finds out that there might be a government plan about creating an alien/human hybrid. While investigating this he learns something new about his own sister’s abduction.

Episode 3: D.P.O.: The agents are called in to investigate a series of deaths involving electrocution. Mulder begins to suspect a teenage boy (played by Giovanni Ribisi) who he believes can control lightning.

Episode 4: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose: The agents are after a serial killer. During the investigation they work with a clairvoyant who predicts Mulder’s death.

Episode 5: The List: Mulder and Scully work on a case involving a series of prison murders. They end up linking them to an inmate but he has been executed and would have had risen from the dead to do so.

Episode 6: 2Shy: Mulder and Scully investigate the murder of several overweight women. The trail of clues leads to a killer who seems to be feeding on the fat of his victims.

Episode 7: The Walk: Mulder begins to suspect that some murders have been committed by a quadriplegic. This means that he has the ability to astrally project himself outside his body.

Episode 8: Oubliette: While working on a case involving the abduction of a teenage girl, Mulder and Scully seek the help of a woman who seems to have psychic connection with the girl.  The police, however, begin to believe that the woman has something to do with the girl’s disappearance.

Episode 9: Nisei: Mulder gets his hands on the video of what is supposed to be an authentic alien autopsy. They now seem to have irrefutable proof that the government is covering up contact with extraterrestrials.

Episode 10: 731: Mulder is trapped on a moving train. To complicate matters there might be a bomb on the train, a government assassin and a killer virus.

Episode 11: Revelations: Scully begins to question her faith. This happens when she is protecting a stigmatic boy.

Episode 12: War of the Coprophages: Mulder and Scully are looking into what seems to be mass hysteria in a small town. Mulder begins to believe that the cockroaches found around every body might be extraterrestrial robots.

Episode 13: Syzygy: The agents have to get to the reasons behind why a couple of teenage girls are committing brutal murders. Could it be a satanic cult or a rare planetary alignment that is behind it?

Episode 14: Grotesque: The thin line between sanity and insanity becomes apparent to Mulder and Scully on their latest case. They encounter a serial killer who claims he is possessed by an evil spirit.

Episode 15: Piper Maru: The agents go up against Alex Krycek (played by Nicholas Lea) once again. They are looking into explaining the radiation burns and deaths that happen to a French crew after they encounter a sunken World War II wreckage.

Episode 16: Apocrypha: Scully learns some new information about her sister’s death. Mulder is off pursuing Krycek.

Episode 17: Pusher: Mulder and Scully are up against a killer who seems to be able to control people using only his voice. Mulder gets involved in a deadly test of wills with him.

Episode 18: Tesu Dos Bichos: Mulder and Scully investigate a curse on an unearthed artifact. They go head to head against a spirit that takes the form of a feline.

Episode 19: Hell Money: Mulder believes that deadly game of chance happening in San Francisco’s China Town is behind the case they are working on. Chinese immigrants and black market internal organs are also involved.

Episode 20: Rose Chung’s “From Outer Space”: Mulder and Scully work on a suspected government cover-up of a couple of abductions. Scully ends up retelling the tale of the case to an eccentric writer (played by Charles Nelson Reilly).

Episode 21: Avatar: Skinner (played by Mitch Pileggi) is accused of murdering a young woman. Mulder believes the real killer is a succubus.

Episode 22: Quagmire: The agents work on a case involving a series of attacks that happen around a lake. Mulder believes it may be the work of a creature named “Big Blue”.

Episode 23: Wetwired: Mulder and Scully work on a case involving a series of small-town murders. They soon see that the killings might be as a result of mind control happening through television signals.

Episode 24: Talitha Cumi: Mulder and Scully run into a supernatural being with amazing healing powers. Mulder gets more information about an alien conspiracy called “The Project”.

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes (w/optional commentary by Chris Carter)
  • Chris Carter Talks About Season 3
  • International Clips
  • Special Effects with Commentary by Mat Beck
  • Documentary: “The Truth About Season Three”
  • Threads of Mythology: Abduction
  • Talitha Cuma: Audio Commentary by R.W. Goodwin