Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo

amy schumer live at the apolloReady your face for about sixty minutes of continuous laughter. Though I could have done with more Amy Schumer and her frank comedy style (the lady does not hold back) thinking back I am not sure if my face or stomach muscles could have taken much more.


The hottest name in stand-up comedy today has got to be Amy Schumer. Whatever she does is big news. She is the all eyes on her lady of comedy. Trainwreck was a huge hit at the box office and after she, HBO and Chris Rock (who directed this special) collaborated on a big show at the iconic Apollo Theater in New York City.


The show is exactly what you would expect. She is filthy, blunt, foul mouthed and hilarious. Sex joke after sex jokes. At the same time she is being completely irreverent she manages to cover very important issues facing women and humans in general today. Don’t write her off as a female comedian just trying to fit in so resorts to the lowest common denominator jokes. Oftentimes she is quite feminist in her commentary.


What is most impressive about Amy Schumer is how she has the audience completely on her side. They never turn on her no matter how dirty the material gets. Maybe it is because she matches her boldness with an equal amount of self-deprecation. Plus she apologizes for nothing. Standing behind what she is doing has won a load of people over. Charisma en masse and a rapier sharp wit means that she will be working stand-up for a long time.


Special Features:

-Five additional minutes of footage

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